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Fandom secret post: I finally saw Moana. It was AMAZING! I cried like four times. But...I think this was the WORST villain song of any Disney movie I have ever watched. It was weak as fuck (especially compared to the other music).

It was great, and even more so because it was Jemaine Clement doing David Bowie doing a crab.
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Yo dudes check out my music tumblr. Features exactly one song a day -- a mix of video and mp3. If it's working right you can stream the mp3s before downloading.

It's only two weeks old and it feels like I'm posting into a void, so like go check it out and stuff.

I'm also toying with the idea of a fannish tumblr but I'm not sure I like it yet.
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I was chatting with [personal profile] sudaki earlier, and I said


and she laughed.

And then I said


and she made an exclamation of horror.

You see, if you were to try to create the most infectious and persistent earworm, perhaps by pitting earworms against each other gladiator-style and then only breeding the victors together, you might end up with something like this song. She sent it to me for my birthday, and I've been listening to it since. (It's been months.) I can manage a week or two without hearing it -- but then, I'm struck by the urge to play it again.

But, on the plus side, it's a GOOD SONG, despite being dorky. It's about TACKLING LIFE'S CHALLENGES or something. Or maybe about kicking puppies; I don't know Japanese so I have to trust [personal profile] sudaki.

There, now I've infected my friends list.
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I just heard of This Is My Jam, a site where you post one song that you're currently really into. It remains up for a week - less if you upload a new song sooner.

The idea is that you follow people whose taste in music you like, and then their homepage becomes a playlist of all the current "jams" of the people you're following.


The format is new to me, and I think I really like the idea. Despite the horrible name. It's a change of pace from sites like last.fm, etc, that auto-generate suggestions.


You can only post music that it can find on other sites. This includes YouTube, though. For example, the first two artists I tried, Akasawa Maki and Siriporn Ampaipong - they had no audio results, but as pretty popular arists (though obscure in the US) there were several YouTube results to pick from.

Anyway, the link goes to my account if anyone wants to follow me!
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I feel like posting, but I have nothing to post about in particular, so I am going to post about the artist who is my most played during the past week.

Asakawa Maki (浅川マキ) was a Japanese jazz and blues singer who was active from 1967 until she died in 2010. She has the perfect voice for dimly-lit, smoky bars--deep and husky. It's hard to say what her style is, because it varies from groovy, to more straight-up jazz, to blues so steeped in old fashioned sleaze that you expect a jaded private detective to step out of the shadows at any moment.

Here she is covering "House of the Rising Sun":

I prefer her earlier recordings for the most part. Here are a few of my favorites, including the above song.

夜が明けたら / Yo ga Aketara / When Dawn Breaks
ちっちゃな時から / Chicchana Toki Kara / Since I was Little
朝日のあたる家 / Asahi no Ataru Ie / House of the Rising Sun
ゴビンダ / Govinda
セント・ジェームス病院 / Saint James Infirmary
ちょっと長い関係のブルース / Chotto Nagai Kankei no Blues / Kinda Long Relationship Blues
あの男(ひと)が死んだら / Ano Hito ga Shindara / If He Dies
眠るのがこわい / Nemuruno ga Kowai / Scared to Sleep

Thank [personal profile] sudaki for translating the song titles so you don't have to deal with my terrible terrible attempts.
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Zhou Xuan (周璇), nicknamed "The Golden Voice," was one of the most popular Chinese singers of 1930s and 1940s. Her style is usually classified as Shidaiqu, a blend of Chinese and Western styles that began in the 1920s in Shanghai.

She had a turbulent life, but an extremely sweet voice. This is a clip from the movie 1937 movie "Street Angel," which launched her into stardom.

So the quality isn't great, but you can still hear the emotion in her voice that captivated Chinese audiences.

I haven't seen the movie. Apparently, she performed another song in it, "Four Seasons of Heartache." This may or may not be the same version:

四季相思(一) [.m4a]
四季相思(二) [.m4a]

And here is a version of the song from the above clip:

天涯个女 [.mp3]

She died in 1957, at the age of 39, in a mental institution, after a series of breakdowns and suicide attempts.
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It's Saturday and I was up at 5AM! Yesterday was my probability final, and after I got home I was just bushed. I am not so hot at this math stuff, y'all. What the hell am I doing?

I really should just hire a dominatrix to beat me. It'd be cheaper.


San Chuan is a trio of Chinese zheng players who make beautiful contemporary Chinese classical music. Here is a particularly energetic piece.

Their website has more videos and some downloadable MP3s.
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I'm skipping a couple of days because I can't decide on a song that fits. And no one cares!

Day 07 - A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix

After my Grandma's funeral, my mom and I sat in the car and listened to this song. I don't know what the significance of this song is to my mom, but she really wanted to hear it then. So I sat with her and listened to it too while she tried to deal with losing her mom.
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Day 04 - A Song that Makes You Sad

Iyomante Upopo - Ando Umeko

This is a song in Ainu, the language of the indigenous people of Japan. The Wikipedia article on the Ainu people will explain their history and their struggle to retain their culture better than I can.

The Ainu language is moribund--likely to go extinct very soon. There are language revitalization efforts, but that's no guarantee that Ainu will be around in, say, ten or twenty years.

Ando Umeko, an Ainu folk musician, died in 2004.
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Day 03 - A Song that Makes You Happy

Man, so many to choose from, but the first that came to mind was

Aap Jaisa Koi - Bally Sagoo

So, in 1980, there was this film called Qurbani, that produced a famous song: "Aap Jaisa Koi." It launched the Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan into super-stardom. This is a bhangra remix, actually not too far from the original--Bally Sagoo punched up the beat a little, emphasized the delightfully wacky sound effects, but not all that much more.

If you want to see the original, I believe that this is taken from the film. The quality is poor but you get an idea of the fantastic kitsch factor. Whoa, hello 1980.

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A while back I posted a soundtrack of sorts for something I haven't written yet. This is a companion piece--same story, different character.

Calling it a soundtrack is really pretentious, since those need things like stories and titles, and this is just a list of songs, but whatever.

kuri is the only one who knows that this is about, but the songs are all good )
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Day 01 - Your Least Favorite Song

Generally, if I don't like a song, I endeavor not to hear it again--and wallah!* Like magic, I forget all about it. It saves me a lot of rage.

However, there's a song that I hate not so much because of how it sounds, but because it's very existence and popularity offends me. Not listening to it doesn't make that go away. It's still out there, being wrong.

I'm talking, of course, about Katy Perry's fucking stupid cover of "I Kissed a Girl," which took a cute song about kissing a girl and turned it into a piece of fuax bisexual play-lesbian-for-the-male-gaze piece of voyeuristic porn-culture bullshit.

I'm not even going to link to a video on youtube; I'd be too tempted to be one of those youtube comments haters, all "WARGHLBBBBLE katy perry succccckkks sesame street's too good for her."

cross off the list )

* I found out recently that some people spell it like this. That's awesome.
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... instead, you're going to sit at home and creep yourself out. Here's some music that I've been listening to the past couple of days, in honor of the season.

It's not great for parties, but then, neither am I.

Canti del Capricorno no.1 - Giacinto Scelsi (performed by Hirayama Michiko)
Canti del Capricorno no.4 - Giacinto Scelsi (performed by Hirayama Michiko)

Elegia per Thy, for viola & cello - 1 - Giacinto Scelsi
Elegia per Thy, for viola & cello - 3 - Giacinto Scelsi

Wallfahrtslied - Arvo Pärt
Wenn Bach Bienen gezuchtet hatte - Arvo Pärt

(I'm not sure why beekeeping is so menacing.)

Biomutanten - Les Vampyrettes
Black Tar Frequences - Grails
Easy on the Bones - Svarte Griener
The Dining Table - Svarte Griener

Cris D'Aveugle - Diamanda Galás
Je Rame - Diamanda Galás
Sono L'Antichristo - Diamanda Galás
Hex - Diamanda Galás & John Paul Jones

(You can't have Halloween without Diamanda Galás and her interpretations of morbid French poets. That last one might work at a party, now that I think of it. IT DEPENDS ON YOUR GUESTS. Also, if you never downloaded Skótoseme when I posted it before, you really should do so now.)

And just for the hell of it, here are some songs that are a little more, um--or maybe a little less um.

Howl - Florence & The Machine
Varulven - Garmarna
Dead Man's Party When the Lights Go Out - Oingo Boingo
Äijo - Värttinä
Monster - Kanye West feat. Everybody, but especially Nicki Minaj
The Curse of Millhaven - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Jack the Ripper - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Psycho Killer (Live) - Talking Heads
Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) - Concrete Blonde
Harald Kongen - Sorten Muld

Some of those are really nostalgic. But all of them are good*. I urge you to download them even if you're the type of person who dresses up as sexy elmo and therefore have totally missed the point of the holiday.

*Okay, so "Monster" is basically only fantastic once Nicki Minaj starts in and is all like, "Actually, I'm not gonna let you finish. This song is MINE."
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So, I love molam, a style of Thai popular music that's often described as "Thai country" due to its roots in rural areas like Isan. In Thailand molam has spread widely and molam artists can be stars. Some of them blend molam with other styles, like luk thung; you could say that molam and luk thung have influenced each other considerably in Thailand.

Some videos!

2 more )
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Here is a collection of songs that I put together as inspiration for a story. It somehow ended up having a theme of apocalyptic religious confusion with a bit of LOLmetal thrown in for garnish.

Interested? Playlist behind the cut. )

I'm too lazy to upload them all separately, so here they are as a .zip.
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This made me happy. Tuxes, fantastic dancing, and a great beat.

I've only heard one other song by Janelle Monáe, but it looks like she's an artist I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on. She does her own thing.

(Weirdly, Sociologial Images posted this video as "degendered", which prompted me to leave a comment asking why women wearing tuxes are gender-neutral. Although dance and attire is roughly the same for men and women in the video, it's not degendered.)
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Don't you know
We got smart bombs
It's a good thing
That our bombs are clever
Don't you know
That the smart bombs
Are so clever
They only kill bad people
Don't you know
Though our kids are dumb
We got smart bombs
What a joyous thing
Here we go
So let's drink a toast
To those clever bombs
And the men who built them

War Again - Oingo Boingo


Feb. 14th, 2010 01:10 pm
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Various things that caught my interest over the last few days.

Babymommababy: an incredible personal post written by a woman who works in a NICU about giving teenaged mothers the attention and support that they need, rather than the judgment they usually get.

Probably of interest to [personal profile] sudaki: Al-Jazeera English reports on modern Ainu activists. Is a video.

The case of the disappearing teaspoons: longitudinal cohort study of the displacement of teaspoons in an Australian research institute: in which researchers discover that teaspoons do, in fact, disappear at an appalling rate, but not why. My favorite line is this:
If we assume that the annual rate of teaspoon loss per employee can be applied to the entire workforce of the city of Melbourne (about 2.5 million), an estimated 18 million teaspoons are going missing in Melbourne each year. Laid end to end, these lost teaspoons would cover over 2700 km—the length of the entire coastline of Mozambique—and weigh over 360 metric tons—the approximate weight of four adult blue whales.
Them There I's: Mark Liberman of Language Log comments on Fox News's annoying (and disingenuous) new habit of counting all of the times Obama uses the first person singular.

New Victorian Child: Do you have a dirty chimney? Then new Victorian Child is just what you need! ... this is just one of the clips from the "Horrible Histories" series of shorts, and yes, most are horrible.

Lolwut: A blog called "ReadWriteWeb" publishes an article about Facebook. Somehow, that article becomes the first Google search result for "Facebook Login" and hordes of angry, confused Facebook users descend on the comments section, demanding that they bring the old Facebook back and let them log in. OTF_wank has a pretty good summary here. Hilarious and sad.

Music Time!

Husband Drunk Wife Drunk - Unknown Artist
molam duet

I don't know anything about this song, except that it's from the first Molam compilation by Sublime Frequencies. The ID tags don't contain the artists names, and I haven't been able to find a track listing that includes them.

What makes this so fun, aside from the definite retro sound, is the fact that they sound drunk. Happy drunk or sad drunk, I don't know, but they're certainly goofy drunk.
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Song of the Sea, a Cappella and Unanswered:
Imagine roaming the world's largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, and hearing no response.
For at least twelve years, the "52 hertz whale" has been calling out at a frequency much lower than that of any other known whale, and it has received no response. It travels alone. No one knows why the 52 hertz whale sounds so different than any known whale species, but theories run from it being deaf to being a hybrid to being malformed. Here's slightly more information on Kuro5hin.

... I think I need some cute after that.

How many baby pandas can the human brain handle at once? The answer is at least sixteen, since here are sixteen baby pandas all in a row, but I'm not sure what would happen to a human being if they raised the number to, like, twenty.

Here is a music video from Japan that combines those two hipster loves: crochet and ukuleles. If you like it, check out the related videos for more crochet stuffed animal ukulele stop motion action.

Music Time!

Thanks to Last.fm deciding that Malian music is apparently my favorite in the whole world, I've been on a huge Malian kick.

Sara - Rokia Traoré

I love the changes in tempo in this song. Rokia Traoré also has a unique and compelling voice. I'm not sure I've heard anyone else who sounds quite like it.
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Sometimes I find an artist whose work resonates so strongly with me that I'll listen obsessively until I've sunk the music so thoroughly into my mind that continuing to listen to it becomes not irritating, but redundant.

And so I'll move on and listen to other things--wildly different things. But I'll always come back to it. That's what makes it different than other songs whose appeal wanes through overplaying; those, I want to forget so I can enjoy them again like they're new. But with these songs, I listen to remind myself that I know every note.

This is of course a highly subjective thing. What I find deeply moving, others find boring and weird.

Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half of The Knife. Her work has a lot in common with The Knife, especially with parts of Silent Shout, which happens to be one of my favorite albums. It's suffused with a melancholy that is simultaneously otherworldly and near.

If I Had a Heart - Fever Ray
Keep the Streets Empty for Me - Fever Ray

I feel like I carry these songs around with me even when I'm not listening to them.

Some Fever Ray icons )


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