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Various things that caught my interest over the last few days.

Babymommababy: an incredible personal post written by a woman who works in a NICU about giving teenaged mothers the attention and support that they need, rather than the judgment they usually get.

Probably of interest to [personal profile] sudaki: Al-Jazeera English reports on modern Ainu activists. Is a video.

The case of the disappearing teaspoons: longitudinal cohort study of the displacement of teaspoons in an Australian research institute: in which researchers discover that teaspoons do, in fact, disappear at an appalling rate, but not why. My favorite line is this:
If we assume that the annual rate of teaspoon loss per employee can be applied to the entire workforce of the city of Melbourne (about 2.5 million), an estimated 18 million teaspoons are going missing in Melbourne each year. Laid end to end, these lost teaspoons would cover over 2700 km—the length of the entire coastline of Mozambique—and weigh over 360 metric tons—the approximate weight of four adult blue whales.
Them There I's: Mark Liberman of Language Log comments on Fox News's annoying (and disingenuous) new habit of counting all of the times Obama uses the first person singular.

New Victorian Child: Do you have a dirty chimney? Then new Victorian Child is just what you need! ... this is just one of the clips from the "Horrible Histories" series of shorts, and yes, most are horrible.

Lolwut: A blog called "ReadWriteWeb" publishes an article about Facebook. Somehow, that article becomes the first Google search result for "Facebook Login" and hordes of angry, confused Facebook users descend on the comments section, demanding that they bring the old Facebook back and let them log in. OTF_wank has a pretty good summary here. Hilarious and sad.

Music Time!

Husband Drunk Wife Drunk - Unknown Artist
molam duet

I don't know anything about this song, except that it's from the first Molam compilation by Sublime Frequencies. The ID tags don't contain the artists names, and I haven't been able to find a track listing that includes them.

What makes this so fun, aside from the definite retro sound, is the fact that they sound drunk. Happy drunk or sad drunk, I don't know, but they're certainly goofy drunk.


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