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Ever since Eun Chan's father died, she's been taking care of her younger sister and her mother. Her outward appearance is so unfeminine that she's usually mistaken for guy. Han Kyul is a rich son given a project: Clean up this coffee shop and make it profitable. He ends up hiring Eun Chan, and OMG AM I GAY romance happens.

I had reservations going in. Hell no, I didn't expect something progressive. In the end, most of it turned out as I expected, but there were some parts that pleasantly surprised me.


Spoilers )

To sum up: Coffee Prince has problems, but it's cute. And it's only about five episodes too long, rather than about thirty episodes too long, like most k-dramas.
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On Thursday, I turned in a paper and several assignments, and immediately collapsed into a brainless puddle of laziness. I decided to watch some dramas.


Why I didn't like it. )

Jeon Woochi

So after that letdown, I decided to watch something I already knew I liked: the cute, if a little chaotic, movie "Jeon Woochi".

Woochi is a wizard's apprentice living in the Joseon era. Cocky and selfish, he wants to find two mysterious artifacts that will turn him into the greatest wizard who has ever lived. However, this quest gets sidetracked when he ends up entangled in a fight between demons who want to open up the gate to hell, and a trio of Taoist gods. Woochi ends up being transported to 21st century, where the fight continues.

This is one of those movies that it's fun to waste a couple of hours on. It really could have been a mini-series--the story has so much room for expansion--but to be honest, I kind of like the final scene, even though it felt sort of abrupt. It has good production values and there are no characters that I really disliked, although Woochi's companion Chorangyi (a dog in human form) might annoy some.

I recommend this one if you're looking for a bit of fluff. You can download it from the jdramas community on LJ here.

(I should write fanfic.)
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Aryoung is hot. Ki-Chul and his gang of idiots are idiots.

This isn't a sequel and none of the female characters are married. But the titular character is a gangster, so we have two out of three.

Aryoung, the daughter of a powerful Hong Kong boss, goes into hiding in South Korea when a gang war makes her a target. Ki-Chul, a thuggish and bumbling South Korean gangster, is told that he has to take care of this "guest." The relationship gets off to a rocky start, and meanwhile, the Chinese underworld is still searching for Aryoung.

It's a formulaic movie and it's hard to believe that Aryoung would be interested in Ki-Chul, who is an idiot and not even a quarter as badass as she is.

What makes it decent popcorn is that it's occasionally pretty funny, especially when it comes to the the communication difficulties.

Because Aryoung doesn't speak Korean and Ki-Chul doesn't speak Chinese, Ki-Chul hires a young woman to be their translator. The woman is at first terrified when she finds out that she's been conscripted by gangsters, and translates everything nasty that Aryoung says into something nice. Later, swept up by vicarious badassitude, she translates everything nice that Aryoung says into something nasty.

Also: Aryoung is hot.

(I'm using the name spellings and translated title that was used in the subtitled version I watched. It also goes by "Jopog Manura 3" and "Gangster Wife 3".)


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