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I am going to be crossposting to Dreamwidth and LiveJournal. If you're doing the same, let me know so I can drop you off my default filter on LiveJournal. I'd like to make this into my primary journal, so if you're active on both I'll follow you here instead.

EDIT: lololol bye LJ

About "grant access," since we're all probably going to have to get used to that being its own designation now:

I rarely post anything that I would be uncomfortable having strangers read, but sometimes I do lock things because I want to keep them off of search engines or make sure that real life friends, family, and coworkers don't see them.

If I've granted you access, and you don't know me, it's nothing personal and I won't be insulted if you choose not to add me back. But, I'm here to talk to people, so I'd be thrilled if you do.
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I don't watch a lot of movies, so... there are a lot of classics I've never seen.

The thing I really noticed is the colors. It takes place in the bright sunshine. The music is sometimes that famous ominous scene, but is just as often fast-paced action-adventure, especially in climactic scenes.

It's so very different than other monster flicks I've seen that were made more recently. I'm kind of tired of everything being desaturated unless it's a rom-com. And "BRAAAM!"
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I'm watching 1998's Godzilla while grading, and they are committed to calling Godzilla "he" even after realizing that it's pregnant.

I'm not sure if I should be annoyed at the pervasiveness of the male default, or impressed at what a realistic presentation of the male default it is.
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I'm trying to start a hatchery on Flight Rising, but I'm not so good at it. I like the surprise of hatching new dragons when I don't know what they'll look like, which means most of the time... they look terrible.

But then when I actually do hatch pretty ones, I can never sell them for what I think they're worth. There are just so many dragons for sale that people will never see your dragons unless they're at fodder prices, or unless they just happen to be looking for that specific color/gene/breed combo...

I've been toying with making some images for my hatchery. I've put a couple below the cut.

some dergs )

The real thing that's holding me back is that I don't have a name yet.


Feb. 9th, 2019 05:25 pm
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I overcame years of laziness and uploaded a new default icon. It feels weird.

I've been wearing that weird Karin Dreijer photoshoot for so long, and not even because I'm particularly a fan. I made those icons back when I rotated my icons more regularly, and then...it just stuck.

Twenty years from now I will probably still be Haruka with a sword.
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I'm still pretty old school when it comes to listening to music. I like the control of owning my music, rather than streaming it. Now that memory is so cheap, I don't even need an external hard drive anymore; I can take my music with me anywhere. It's kind of funny that streaming would become so dominant around the same time it really became unnecessary - at least for me.

Anyway, I still do listen to streaming services to discover new artists. It's kind of amusing when the algorithm is just totally wrong about what I want to listen to.

I've been on a synthwave kick - think Magic Sword, and Spotify keeps trying to get me to listen to 80s pop hits, like Flock of Seagulls, and so on. Not that I'm against 80s pop hits, but they're different things!

Of course it's obvious why the algorithm does this. They both tap the same vein of nostalgia, so there's a huge overlap in audience. But it does make it a lot harder to find the type of music that I'm looking for...

I have also heard Toto way more in the last two weeks than I've ever heard Toto before.


Jan. 31st, 2019 03:08 pm
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Somehow I started to watch Guardian without realizing that it was based on a BL novel. I want to share with you my journey, as I tried to explain the show to a friend over Discord:

Spoilers and Shen Wei's beautiful face )


Jan. 15th, 2019 11:51 am
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I just watched the first part of an official gameplay trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. When I first heard about this game, I was pretty interested - I like the genre of game, I've always had a weakness for cyberpunk, and I'd heard some good rumors about it.

So, within the first ten minutes of gameplay:

  • We rescue a naked, brutalized, and perfectly physically attractive woman, hauling her out of an ice water bath

  • we introduce our player character. She is in her (skimpy) underwear. There is a long panning shot up her naked legs to her tasteful side boob. The camera shifts to a view from behind; she is wearing a thong, giving us an unobstructed view of her perfect ass.

  • It's the second one that really got me. Once you start to notice how often attractive female characters are framed this way, it's really hard to stop noticing it. But do the men doing it realize what a trope it is?

    As this was all happening, the narrator was going on and on about how gritty, realistic, and immersive their game will be. It tells you a lot about how deep in they are in the male gaze. It isn't reality-breaking for them at all, because it's actually how they see women.
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    I finally managed to watch Castlevania yesterday. The first time I tried to watch it, I just couldn't quite get into it. It was okay, but it's really hard for me to get into new shows these days - even if they're really short.

    I have some thoughts.

    Spoilers )
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    I'm not participating in the Tumblr boycott because:

    1) Tumblr isn't going to give a shit.

    2) The people* promoting the boycott don't object to the adult content ban, just how it's implemented. I disagree with the adult content ban.

    I still haven't decided what to do with my account there. It doesn't really affect how I use the site, since I never really used it to reblog/post adult content. Some of the people I followed are leaving, either because they're being forced to or in protest - but my account is going to be fine until Tumblr itself shuts down.

    The fact that I was on Tumblr at all meant that I was willing to use a service who did things I disagree with strongly. I'm still on Twitter. I'm still on Reddit. Failing to get rid of Nazi hate speech is a much bigger deal to me than a clumsy adult content ban - and I put up with that. I guess I'm just used to the corporatization of social media meaning that I don't expect much of a platform.

    I'd still like to shift away from Tumblr and Twitter though. I only use Twitter for retweets of fanart. I'm going to try to do more of my text posts here. And my mastodon.social is where I guess I'll put any cool links and things. (Find me @kutsuwamushi.mastodon.social)!

    * Well, some of the original posts. As is usual, posts fork.
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    So I guess I really have fallen headfirst into Critical Role. It's a fun experience!

    I finally got caught up with all 43 past episodes, and on Thursday was able to watch the first part of the live stream. (I couldn't finish it because of the time zone differences.)

    I can't put my finger on why I was able to watch that much video of people playing D&D together. I can tell you things I like about it, but there are things I liked about all of the media that I haven't managed to finish.

    But I'm kind of considering... you know, the love that people have for their original characters can be kind of contagious. Things like RP let you see it more closely than you sometimes can in other types of storytelling. The relatively free form of RP gives you space for a lot of character moments that wouldn't necessarily "fit" into a storytelling mode that requires tighter control.

    When the OCs are interesting, and written/played well, it can be a real delight.
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    Every year, I get nostalgic for the days of fandom past - when I had an active reading page full of people that I knew, when I regularly talked to friends on chat, and so on.

    Over the years most of my online friends have drifted away, even really good ones. Some of that is my fault. I have two that I still talk to regularly - we switched to Discord, but just hang out in private.

    I miss specific people. But I also want to make new friends? The problem is, I'm not really a fandom content creator. I never have been. Whatever creative energies I have - which isn't much these days, after working on the dissertation - generally end up being shifted into original characters and worldbuilding for stories I just haven't got the energy to write.

    I'm also not like, super into any one fandom. So there's really no reason for people to find me, follow me, talk to me ... I'm orbiting around fandom and kind of feeling like an outsider all the time.

    So how do you meet people? I'm trying to be more active here, but I think I'm missing real-time communication - you know, chat and IM. I know a lot of people hang out on Discord these days. Any good servers that you would recommend?

    (Also, people who make friends on Tumblr are like, alchemists or something.)
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    I've been binging on Critical Role for the last week or so.

    It's kind of interesting. My fandoms and my favorite shows tend to be pretty disconnected. I find fandoms first, and then maybe if I'm in the fandom for long enough I'll get around to watching the source material. When I watch a show first, I usually don't feel much of an urge to check out fanworks.

    This time though I've been looking for fanfic....

    And it's pretty grim.

    The one saving grace is that the fandom is small enough that old stuff hasn't been swamped by new stuff. So I keep coming across posts and author's notes written from before [BIG SPOILER], and I'm like... "oh no, oh honey, oh ...."
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    I love how small, sleek handheld computers are so common now that we've had to invent new visual tropes to signify that people are using future tech. Transparent devices is a big one, like this:

    kirk spilling his coffee while holding a futuristic ipad

    These devices make so little sense from a user standpoint, though. None of your applications have a backgound, so you had better hope that whatever going on around you isn't too distracting. The bright lighting - necessary for your application this to even be visible, when there's no background - is something that people are trying to avoid now. We have devices like Kindles, without backlights, and tools like Flux to dim our screens and remove blue light.

    And worst of all, everyone around you can see what you're reading.

    Maybe that's the actual prediction this trope makes: In the future, we've given up entirely on the idea that anything we do online is private. Your personal data is everywhere, and it's easy for anyone to look you up and see a comprehensive history. You know some tech bro monetized that idea as soon as advances in search technology made it possible. Capitalism collapsed, but the tech still exists.

    So you don't give a fuck if the people around you know you're reading K/S whump. Your mom does!
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    This is the first time in years that I've had access to my own dirt. I'm renting, but I'm in a divided house that has an actual yard and actual porches - and not in a third-floor apartment. This is wonderful, but there are Issues:

    1. The chipmunk who keeps digging into the potted plants. The solutions I'm finding online, such as sprinkling used cat litter into the pots, are... less than ideal. What if I just tie up the actual CAT next to the plants? Pls don't kill my begonias, chipmunk.

    2. The blue jay who is stealing the plant tags from the garden. What the fuck, man? I WATCHED YOU DO IT. I KNOW IT WAS YOU. I WAS RIGHT THERE.

    3. The sparrows that live in the bushes. I'm trying to attract songbirds this year. I don't mind these drab little shits, but their preferred method of feeding is to toss all of the seed on the ground and pick out their favorite. I changed the feeder, which helps a little - but the new feeder isn't as attractive to the other birds.

    Anyway, being domestic is fun.
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    I think my favorite moment in the movie is this one:

    Valerian has to find a disguise and it just so happens that the best place to find one is in a brothel (of course).

    So he enters the brothel and is treated to an extended burlesque dance by Rihanna (of course). Because it's far-future sci-fi, Rihanna goes through each 20th century male sexual fantasy the director could think of - schoolgirl, nurse, etc (of course).

    And then after the entire performance is over, Valerian says: "I don't have time for this."

    You know what? I don't think the movie really had time for it, either.

    I know this has parallels to the opera scene in Fifth Element, but (a) that was actually somewhat imaginative, and (b) the action actually advanced during that scene.

    After thinking about it some more, I'm pretty sure that one of the things that dashes this movie is how much it's covered in typical straight man gunk. It's everywhere, from the hackneyed first scene with Valerian and Laureline, to the "romance," to the fact that the future world is apparently 80% male, 10% titties, and 10% assorted lazy stereotypes (e.g the shopping-crazy woman and her beleaguered husband)...

    It's so artistically lazy.
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    So, Valerian is on Amazon Prime video.

    I'd read some reviews that indicated I shouldn't get my hopes up - and I didn't, really. I was expecting a mediocre movie with a pair of boring leads.

    But I'm still really disappointed, somehow. I think it's because it could have been so good. It could have been another quirky, humorous, visually stunning movie like The Fifth Element... but instead all we get is visually stunning, and that's hampered by poor CGI.

    ou can see the potential in the movie everywhere, but it's all stomped on.

    The lead is less than boring, he's actually off-putting. The writing is awful - almost paint by numbers. The actor can't pull off his badass douche lines, and probably no one could because they sound like they were written by a fifteen-year-old.

    When the movie opened up with the most cliched, hackneyed scene of Valerian harassing Laureline for sex, I knew I was in for it. Laureline herself isn't allowed much of a personality. There's no chemistry and no heart.

    I don't know. It's obvious why I didn't hear much about this movie even in sci-fi circles.


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