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Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price: 12,704
Playtested: Incompletely

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So I tried -- and mostly failed -- to make a lot based on Chungking Mansions. It would simply be too large to be playable. So here is a scaled down building. It's still a large lot with a lot of objects but so far it's not lagging. I blocked off large areas as if they were under construction to conserve resources.

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This one is based on this building, which is this really weird combination of modern, boring concrete block and HELLO ROOF. This is basically just a shell in which I've placed a rabbithole rug.

Lot Type: Academy
Lot Size: 42x42
Playtested: Why?


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This one is built with Ani's shop from inventory mod in mind. If you don't have that mod you won't be able to buy the pastries. The chest for keeping buyable pastries is hidden in the foundation and is stocked with at least five of each kind displayed in the case.

Lot type: No Visitors Allowed
Lot size: 10x10
Playtested: Yes


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So this one is based on the real Tai Fu Tai mansion in Hong Kong, with some modifications.

The story of my version is that it was a private mansion at one time, then fell into disrepair and became an infamous brothel, and now is being restored partly with funds from hosting events on the bottom floor. My game has two caretakers (who live upstairs) and a ghost in it, not included in the DL.

I can make a list of custom content if anyone wants it.

Lot type: Residential
Lot Size: 20x30
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2 bathtubs, 1 toilet room


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If the slideshow doesn't work here's the image folder.
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Lot Type: No Visitors Allowed (Subway)
Lot Size: 14x6
Playtested: No


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Historical value? Pfff. Add some lights to it, the tourists love that kind of thing.

Lot Size: 10x10
Lot Type: No Visitors Allowed
Playtested: No


Custom Content

Packages [Download All]

Chinese Palace Fences at M&Tsims
Chinese Decoration by iamcoming
The Golden Buddha by Lisen
Grunge plaster patterns by Quatla
Basic column 4 from the DIY build set by Armiel


Golden spire by tee sang boy
Cottage fakewall 1 from the half-landing stairs by Gosik and Inge
Chinese Straight Couplets couplets by satrc
Asian Hanging Lantern by dgandy
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Your friendly neighborhood police station....

Lot Size: 40x20
Lot Type: No Visitors Allowed (Police Station)
Playtested: Yes (it's just a shell with a rabbithole in it)


Custom Content

Packages [Download All]

From Demonic's Sci-Fi Set:
  • Cornice C
  • Cornice F
  • Big Holographic Screen
  • Deco Facade F
Grungy plaster patterns by quatla
Roof satellite dish and antenna by Simmami

Store Content
Linear Lunette
Lunar Lakes Police Station Rabbithole

Special Notes: I decided to use the rabbithole portal from Lunar Lakes because I like imagining that in the future, you can't get into a police station without getting scanned. But you could easily replace this with a door and one of the appropriate rabbithole rug.
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[Edit Mar 17 2012] I made a few changes and re-uploaded the lot and the package files.]


There's probably only one person reading my journal who might be interested in this, but what the hell.

The reason that I've not yet written the next Great American Novel is that I've found a much more productive use of my time: Playing the Sims. Well, more building stuff in the Sims.

Right now I'm working on a town that's supposed to be a slightly futuristic, dystopian version of Macau, if Macau were more like Hong Kong. There are limitations, but sometimes that's half the fun. I figure I might as well start posting the lots as I complete them.

Regarding custom content, store content:

I tend to use a lot of custom content, and some store content - because hey, this isn't supposed to be Sunset Valley. But I do tend to use a lot of the same stuff in my lots. All of the custom content is available somewhere for free*, and the store content is replaceable.

Stuff in .sims3pack files should be included with the lot. Stuff in .package files needs to be put in your game in the usual way.

My lots usually aren't always playtested, because Sims are boring. If you notice a problem with them, let me know. I avoid things I know should be issues, but sometimes things do pop up.

First up, a luxurious apartment by the sea...

Lot Price: 14,652
Lot Size: 19x20
Lot Type: Residential
Playtested: Yes


Custom Content Used )

Special Notes

The Caravan double bed is supposed to make it possible for two sims to use it even though it's against the wall, but the animations will be off.

The bathrooms are set to be public, but I haven't set any of the other doors as NPC doors because I hate puddingface.

* Arrrr.


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