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A while back I posted a soundtrack of sorts for something I haven't written yet. This is a companion piece--same story, different character.

Calling it a soundtrack is really pretentious, since those need things like stories and titles, and this is just a list of songs, but whatever.

  1. Corner - Allie Moss

    When your world trembles and quakes
    And your footing suddenly shifts and shakes

    Take my hand
    We'll hide in the corner, hide in the corner...

    We have choices to make
    We have promises that we can't break
    There is nothing left to lose
    So hold on to me
    I'll hold on to you

  2. Ход времени (The Passage of Time) - А. И. Жихарев

  3. Canti del Capricorno - Canto no.1 - Giacinto Scelsi

  4. Owl Said - Cohen

    There lived a princess of the woods
    She thought she lived alone
    She walked with fair skin on her head
    And wine red hair did flow

    And the birds were flying
    Bells were ringing in the distant sky
    The owl said
    You know it's time to die
    So why not you and I

  5. Anything (Feat. Laura Jansen) - Jason Kanakis & The Coalition of the Unwilling

    You and I are standing outside
    Looking in at people's lives
    Who are we?
    Where are we supposed to be?
    Will someone give the key
    And let us in?
    In my dreams I have found my home
    You were there in my sleeping arms

    Then I awoke

  6. Anywhere on this Road - Lhasa

    I love this hour
    When the tide is just turning
    There will be an end
    To the longing and yearning
    If I can stand up
    To angels and men
    I'll never get swallowed
    In darkness again

    You've traveled this long
    You just have to go on
    Don’t even look back to see
    How far you've come
    Though your body is bending
    Under the load
    There is nowhere to stop
    Anywhere on this road

  7. Urzup Kherge (Wee Hours) - Sainkho Namtchylak & Ned Rothenberg

  8. An Ordinary Hike - Svarte Griener

  9. Canti del Capricorno - Canto no.4 - Giacinto Scelsi

  10. 5'52 - А. И. Жихарев

  11. Enter One - Sol Seppy

    As we float from the shore
    Into the light
    Into the unknown
    Like thousands of lanterns
    Glowing with grace
    In glorious silence
    Descending through space
    To a friend
    A sister in need
    Who is not alone

  12. Sleep - Anja Garbarek

    And it is so strange
    With these eyes out into darkness
    And it is so strange
    All they want to do is sleep
    And it is so strange
    They want to sleep through silence
    And it is so strange
    'Cause I am wide awake

  13. Für Alina - Arvo Pärt
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