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[Edit Mar 17 2012] I made a few changes and re-uploaded the lot and the package files.]


There's probably only one person reading my journal who might be interested in this, but what the hell.

The reason that I've not yet written the next Great American Novel is that I've found a much more productive use of my time: Playing the Sims. Well, more building stuff in the Sims.

Right now I'm working on a town that's supposed to be a slightly futuristic, dystopian version of Macau, if Macau were more like Hong Kong. There are limitations, but sometimes that's half the fun. I figure I might as well start posting the lots as I complete them.

Regarding custom content, store content:

I tend to use a lot of custom content, and some store content - because hey, this isn't supposed to be Sunset Valley. But I do tend to use a lot of the same stuff in my lots. All of the custom content is available somewhere for free*, and the store content is replaceable.

Stuff in .sims3pack files should be included with the lot. Stuff in .package files needs to be put in your game in the usual way.

My lots usually aren't always playtested, because Sims are boring. If you notice a problem with them, let me know. I avoid things I know should be issues, but sometimes things do pop up.

First up, a luxurious apartment by the sea...

Lot Price: 14,652
Lot Size: 19x20
Lot Type: Residential
Playtested: Yes


Custom content used:

Packages [Download All]

From Demonic's Sci-Fi Set (rigfixed):
  • Control Pad Door
  • Mirror
  • Toilet
  • Cornice F
  • Cornice C
From the Chinese Kitchen Set by iamcoming:
  • China teapot 2
  • Zaowang alarm
  • Chinese pot
From Cyclonesue's Prison Set (rigfixed):
  • Bunk light
  • Desk
  • Utilitarian chair
Grungy Plaster Patterns by Quatla
Persiana Madera B by Luna
Damage Me Wall Decals by RD
CASTable Public Signs by Pinkrabbit
International Window Counterheight by HugeLunatic
Fortune Cat by Ritsuka(from the Mix Bag set)
Assorted Posters by Ritsuka
Chaise from the Julo Set by MangoSims
Modern Elevator by Diriel <-- this one is a mod
Halflife Walls and Floors Conversion from Newshoes
Dirty Walls by Newshoes
Decorative Wall and Roof Objects by Alopex
Grunge patterns by Joninmobile
Simple shelf cabinet by Armiel (rigfixed)
Scripted Half Landing Stairs by Gosik and Inge


From Madaya74's Caravan Sets:From Cyclonesue's Climate Set 1 - Cooling*:From Cyclonesue's Pipemania! Set*:
  • Pipe - top bend (right)
  • Pipe - horizontal
  • Pipe - s-shaped bend (left)
  • Pipe - horizontal (half-width)
From BuffSumm's Kitchen Artesio*:Camellia Walk-In Wardrobe Dresser 1 & 4 by Mensure
Ysnod Stereo by DOT
Modular Unit 2-seater bench by dgandy
Rack with Coffee filters & Mugs by AroundtheSims3
Cottage Half Landing Stairs fences by Gosik and Inge
Sliding Viaduct Door by Cyclonesue*
Camellia deco clothing
Wall TV from the Expresso Kitchen by Simcredible

Store Content

Automated Access Door
Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Not-Square Lightbox
Syntax Sink
Hexagonal Illumination Device
Resonant Receptacles
Year of the Dragon Wall Hanging (I believe this one's free)
The Hexagon Window (Lunar Lakes)
Access Aperture (Lunar Lakes)

Special Notes

The Caravan double bed is supposed to make it possible for two sims to use it even though it's against the wall, but the animations will be off.

The bathrooms are set to be public, but I haven't set any of the other doors as NPC doors because I hate puddingface.

* Arrrr.
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