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Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price: 12,704
Playtested: Incompletely

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So I tried -- and mostly failed -- to make a lot based on Chungking Mansions. It would simply be too large to be playable. So here is a scaled down building. It's still a large lot with a lot of objects but so far it's not lagging. I blocked off large areas as if they were under construction to conserve resources.

I'm not done play-testing it yet but honestly I'm getting bored. I believe that all major issues should be fixed but there's a lot to play-test.

The first floor has:
Clothing shop (non-functional)
Burger joint
Electronics shop (non-functional)

The second floor has:

The third floor has:
Tiny tattoo parlor
Salon/clothes shop (includes makeover station)

The fifth floor is where the apartment is. It's a tiny little apartment, but still expensive (12,739 simoleons), because hey, living in the city's expensive. It has a microwave and a mini-fridge but no stove; your character's supposed to be stuck eating out. If you use the shop from inventory mod, they can buy burgers and any other edible food you choose to stock. (Plus the booze that's in the grocery.)

Now for the custom content. There is a lot. This is probably the most CC-filled lot I'll ever make.

  • Urban objects by ATS3: Ads, Free newspapers display
  • Custom drinks by ATS3
  • Damage Me wall decals by RD
  • Decorative beer bottles by ATS3
  • Grocery store sets by ATS3 (most of it)
  • laundry: deco clothesline, wall clothesrack
  • barbecue chest-like from the food cart set by ATS3
  • Backless showers by hugelunatic
  • cafe break set by Mensure: fridge
  • Cameillia wardrobe set: shelves, clothing
  • CASTable public signs
  • caravan set double bed 02 by madaya74
  • caravan set shower by madaya74
  • Cooling set by CycloneSue: Wall vent, wall ac, table fan, floor fan, exhaust fans*
  • Cottage half-landing stairs set: level fences only
  • DOT'S recess lighting lamp mesh
  • Expresso set wallTV by simcredible
  • Inset wall niches
  • industrial ladder
  • Industrial kitchen set by eryt96: counter, cooker hood, stools, wall cabinet, sink
  • Jynx's Rabbithole Rugs: Subway, Grocery Store, Bookstore
  • Kitchen Artesio set by Buffsumm: counters, cabinet, microwave, coffee*
  • liberias-deco by luna
  • mistral curtain 3-tile by mutske
  • Modern Elevators by Diriel
  • Modern Halfwall glass by Angela
  • Modern Line Windows Set
  • Money Dispenser by ATS3
  • Neon Simlish Alphabet
  • Neverending Arches by cyclonesue*
  • OMSP by granthes
  • Panorama roller blind 3-tile quarter by wideopeneyes
  • Panorama roller blind 2-tile quarter by wideopeneeyes
  • Pipemania set by Cyclonesue
  • plant packs by porphyria
  • Republic-era paintings by JS Sims
  • rollershade by matomibotaki
  • Sci-Fi Set by Demonic: Cornices, Holographic computer, control pad
  • Signs of the Times set by Bau
  • southeast asian bedroom set by exotic elements: sheer curtain, lantern
  • Single Tile Modern Office Desk by Blackgarden
  • Skew-Whiff Door3 by buffsum
  • Skew-whiff corner column by buffsum
  • Vanity Ysnod stereo mesh by DOT
  • Wooden ranch high-top table by dallied
  • roof AC by alopex
  • Modern japanese kitchen by shino&kcr: counters, fridge, dining chair

    Patterns and Walls
  • Travartine Tile
  • Concrete patterns by Zhaana
  • Fractional Walls by Alexpilgrim
  • simplywood company pattern by DOT
  • striped stone half-tile by peacemakeric
  • fake skyscraper windows by sonly
  • walls by newshoes
  • face the wall set by gelydh

    Store Content (none of this matters)
    Mal 2000 computer
    Mid-century modern bedroom Digi-lightful alarm clock
    Mid-century modern bathroom wall-mount towel stackomatic
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