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I still occasionally check out the ffrantsanon meme because, as much as anonymous memes are awful and need to die, sometimes people would rather complain about rule-breakers on the meme than take their complaints to the mods.

This weekend someone spammed the meme with over ten pages of spam. It was hateful, worthless, and most of all boring spam: page-long comments with full of homophobic and racial slurs in bold type, embedded images and video that of course don't display because the comments are anonymous, and things like that.

This anonymous comment claims that jinxy accidentally made one of those spam comments with her account and then deleted it.

The person running the ffrantsanon journal has temporarily locked commenting to only friends and deleted most of the spam.

S/he made this comment this morning:
Hey, dearlosers and prodigy89? Just a hint - adding me as a friend is not going to help you post here.

Hahahahaha. So let's check out the profile pages of these accounts to see who they're friends with, eh?

Dearlosers: lists as a friend only itself and ffrantsanon.

Prodigy89: lists as a friend ffrantsanon, izzanami, jinxy_catface, lulzyfandom7, prodigy89. Has been friended back by izzanami, jinxy_catface, jinxy_sama, lulzyfandom7, prodigy89.

Yeah, that's stealthy.

I can't believe they're still obsessed over Fanficrants.

(I could have sworn that dearlosers was also friends/friends of jinxy's accounts when I first checked, but I could be wrong.)


Jul. 5th, 2010 07:58 pm
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Why, [livejournal.com profile] aniquick isn't an obvious sockpuppet at all. Certainly, I'll friend that account right back! Just--let me set my brain aside first, because I would have to totally lose it to think that's a good idea.

Friends include: izzanami, jinxy_sama, lulzyfandom7, plumespixie, plumespixie2

Mutual friends include: ravyn_skye

Only one journal entry, and the user bio says, "I am a ninja."
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I'm not going to touch most the rainbow of anger and paranoia that ravyn_skye has posted to her journal in response to my post, because I don't think I need to. What was actually said is right there.

But this is funny. Ravyn_skye accuses me of deleting comments that support her:

"CONTINUE to delete ANY comment that doesn't lick the butthurt away"

The comments on that post are still screened. She simply doesn't have any way to know what kind of comments have been made unless she has a hand in them. While trying to accuse me of censoring people, she's basically accusing herself of sending people to my journal. I don't think she's thought this through.

The truth is that most people have read and not commented. The comments that I've unscreened are most of those that have been made. For the record, I've deleted:

- The comment ravyn_skye made using izzanami's account. I was upfront from the start about not wanting any of them in my journal, and on top of that, it contained RL info.

- A comment made by someone else mocking ravyn_skye that contained a link to the same RL info.

- A comment made by one of my friends because I was uncomfortable with her use of the word "bitches," which I talked to her about on IM.

- An anonymous comment that parroted a lot of the same language and used the same aggressive misinterpretations as ravyn_skye, because again, I don't want them in my journal. This is the only comment ravyn_skye could possibly be referring to. Because it was made anonymously she simply had no way to know I deleted it until I freely admitted it here.

And that's it. She's simply a shameless liar. I think she feels that if she's loud and repetitive enough, at least some people will believe her.

And I just noticed this in her post:
By the way, I hear you keep accusing every single anon that isn't 100% bashing me of being me, but I'm not responding in your posts. I know of like 4 friends of mine that have been in there, and surprise, Izz and Jinx are not among that group of people.
I think she's talking about the ffrantsanon meme, but of course, this is at the end of a post almost entirely about me, and she says nothing about switching topics, meaning that someone reading it will of course, assume that I'm the one she's talking about. I don't know if it's stupidity or intention.
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Someone has asked me for the story. I only know a small part of it, which, considering how huge this entry has gotten, should tell you something about the level of crazy.

Warning: Some of the links in this post go to ravyn_skye's journal, which has a huge loli banner image. If you don't want to see that, append ?format=light to all of those URLs. This will not make it totally safe, because she has many lolicon icons, but at least they're not as big.

Begin. )
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I have no idea why plumespixie2 is so persecuted, because she only appeared on my radar when she started to post at weepingcock and fanficrants.

My best guess is that someone once criticized her for producing lolicon fanworks, and she exploded into such brilliant drama that the people who saw it cried, "that was fun! let's do it again!" She moves to other communities, but there's always someone in the new communities that knows about her.

They poke her; she explodes again. Now even more people are involved. The cycle repeats. It's done so at least twice on fanficrants and weepingcock and it's getting tiresome.

... this time, she posted to fanficrants complaining that someone was harassing her to write stories that she finds disturbing, here. This is what happened next (plumespixie2=raven_skye):

A probable sockpuppet, anyonecanedit, posts lolicon images in the comments. Other members of fanficrants go "what's wrong with you?" A couple request that raven_skye add a warning to her post so that people don't see them on accident.

Raven_skye posts multiple, EMPHATIC, warnings and contacts the mods. By the time I see it, anyonecanedit has deleted their comments, and so I ban them. I also tell raven_skye that if someone posted pornographic or disturbing comments again, she could screen them as long as she contacted the mods right away.

I should have paid attention to that little voice that said it wasn't a good idea. It wasn't a good idea.

master_kogane makes a comment linking to an sf_drama post about plumespixie2. raven_skye immediately screens it and contacts the mods, saying that the mods had given her permission to screen "drama."

This annoys me. I unscreen the comment, and tell raven_skye that if she can't tell the difference between pornographic and disturbing material, and link to outside material that people can easily avoid if they want to, that she shouldn't screen comments at all.

Somehow raven_skye interprets everything that has happened so far as people on fanficrants hating her and the mods being out to get her. And now we come to the part that I thought was the best, and the reason I'm even sharing this:

She accuses me of... whatever, I don't know... in order to drum up business for fanficrants by having us appear on sf_drama. That's in this comment.

She says she's "probably" not going to post anymore. I hope so. That will ruin my clever advertising plan, so maybe that will give her a little extra determination.
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I think in the hands of a very talented author the basic world and characters she's created could have had a certain amount of staying power - maybe not Odyssey-like but Middle Earth standard.
-- A commenter on [community profile] fanficrants, in a discussion about the "epic" worldbuilding in the Anita Blake vampire porn series, here.


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