Jul. 27th, 2010

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Minor weirdness:

This little_details post on what it's like to break your pelvis has been getting comments for two years. Somehow it's gotten its way onto search engine results.

Now the anons, who mostly have no idea it's on a community for writers, are starting to get fighty.
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On Saturday, my stepdad found an abandoned kitten in the barn. He and my mom brought it back to the house and fed it while my mom fretted about what to do.

It seems like she's decided to keep it.

It was starving when they found it but it's already putting on a little weight. The vet says it's fine, except for the normal kitten parasites it's now being treated for.

It's about six weeks old, male, and black. And it's apparently the friendliest little thing, despite whatever happened to it before it found its way to their barn. It follows my mom around and meows at her and climbs up on her and everything.

Anyway, it needs a name. Anyone have suggestions?


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