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"Do you have any music that would help me get over the loss of $700?"

Well, probably not.

Being upset about the loss of personal wealth shows that you are the type of person who finds spiritual completion at the feet of Mammon, not in the transcendental pleasures of the mind. I can offer you the most sublime melodies and it will not be as sweet to your ears as the jangling of coins in your pocket.

But I can try.

Remember: There is no spoon.

If none of these make you smile, then you have no soul. )
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According to Wikipedia:
Ishikawa Goemon (石川 五衛門 or 石川 五右衛門?, 1558-1594) was a legendary bandit hero who stole gold and valuables and gave them to the poor. He is notable for being boiled alive after a failed assassination attempt on Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A large iron kettle-shaped bathtub is now called a Goemon-buro ("Goemon bath").
This movie is loosely, loosely based on that story--to begin with, this Goemon doesn't get boiled alive, although he does try to assassinate Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

This movie has almost nothing to do with actual history. If you mentioned research to the writers, I'm sure they would have blinked at you as if you were a madwoman.

If I had to describe their approach, it would be something like: "Take one part fantasy Japan, one part video game cut scenes, and one part visual kei. Stir well. Season with popular storytelling tropes such as tragic orphans, maniacally evil rulers, and star-crossed relationships." But that almost makes sense, while the actual movie raises an endless series of questions of "why did they do that?"

(The usual answer must be because it looked cool. This is why Oda Nobunaga wears European plate armor and why the McGuffin that Goemon accidentally steals is decorated in Egyptian hieroglyphs and is called Pandora's box.)

Much of the storyline is revealed through flashbacks, making it even more confusing. By the time that I had finally pieced it together (note: that did not mean it made sense), it had turned rather dark, in that tragic now-it's-suicide-revenge-fantasy way, and the main female character had become even more pointlessly helpless.

Final verdict: Quite silly. There's no point to watching unless you like the style of pretty, or are a fan of action scenes that are set in a world with video-game physics.

Music Time!

Fly, Fly My Sadness - Angelite and Huun-Huur-Tu

Angelite is an offshoot of the famous Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, a Bulgarian women's choir. Huun-Huur-Tu is a renowned Tuvan folk group. Combine the two and you get something gorgeously haunting and perfect for a cold, lonely day outside.
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Here is a simple addition problem: What is the minimum number of songs that I can listen to in order to get A.R. Rahman off of my top eight artists on last.fm?

A.R. Rahman is leading with 262 plays.

In order to A.R. Rahman to seventh place, I would have to play BRMC 33 times, Björk 36 times, Doomtree 76 times, Neko Case 86 times, DJ Krush 102 times, Marisa Monte 104 times, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 108 times, and Sigur Rós or Severa Nazarkhan 111 times.
... billions. ;_; I am doomed to be musically embarrassed forever. Quick, someone pass me a serving of local, independent band made up of philosophy and English majors who can't sing, before I die of having no cred.
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This post is for [personal profile] sudaki, who said "edukate me."

Nick Cave, The Pogues )

* As soon as you try to explain an why something is ironic, it no longer is,** and suddenly there's a Canadian singing about it. For this reason, irony can never be successfully quantified.

**Huhr huhr it's ironic because they're drug addicts who usually sing about sad stuff. See what I mean?
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Today's first minor irony:
  • The Joy of Cooking branded pre-packaged frozen skillet meal.
Today's second minor irony:
  • "What a Wonderful World", a duet between Nick Cave and Shane McGowan. This is probably my mom's favorite song, which tells you something about my mom. It was the first song she wanted to listen to on her new iPod. She didn't even have to tell me for me to know which one.
This entry has been sitting here for a week. I ought to ask her if she needs any more help, since she had absolutely no idea how iTunes worked when I started to explain, and only a slightly better idea by the time I went home.

Edit: She called me just to tell me that she bought a fancy set of earphones, and that they sound excellent. <3 When she's eighty and I'm yelling "HOW IS THE WEATHER THERE" into the phone, I'm only going to have myself to blame.
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It’s been spring here for weeks. The first spring flowers are already gone or beginning to show their age, and most of the trees have leaves. I also managed my first and hopefully only sunburn last week.

All of the sunshine and warmth has affected my taste in music, and I’ve been listening to a lot of songs that are more lively than the frozen and low-tempo songs I prefer when it’s cold.

Swing för hyresgästföreningen - Movits
Jazz hands!

Half a Boy and Half a Man - Queen Id
"He ain't a fool, but he's a tool, because his left hand don't know what his right hand do! He's half a boy and half a man!" Some hopping Zydeco.

นักร้องพเนจร - บานเย็น รากแก่น
If you can't read the above characters, it's because you are not a nerd who has installed every language pack. This is a mor lam song from Banyen Rakgan, Thailand's first lady of mor lam.

In Diesem Raum - Trost
Some retro pop from Germany. I do not know German.

I am torn on OOIOO. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes I just am not in the mood - but this is an awesome song all the time. Drums! Shouting! Listen to me!
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God I love iced coffee. And all-nighters. And music. Here, have some. (Music, not iced coffee. The iced coffee is ALL MINE.)

- - -


"Boys Say Go!"
Depeche Mode

Opening theme. Boys meet boys, get together / boys meet boys, it's forever / don't say no / boys say go!

"Poor Poor Pitiful Me"
Warren Zevon

Heero. I lay my head on the railroad tracks / and wait for the EE / the railroad don't run no more / poor poor pitiful me / these young girls won't let me be / Lord have mercy on me / woe is me

Alternate #1: "Let It Out" by Sonny Jim
I need to let my feelings out / I need to cry my pain out loud / No one is listening but me / That's okay, I'm a killer*

Alternate #2: "Yer Blues" by Shiina Ringo
In the morning, wanna die / in the evening, wanna die

"Is It Cos I'm Cool?"
Mousse T feat. Emma Lanford

Relena. Is it cos I'm cool, why you dress like me / is it honesty / or are you just a fool / is it cos I'm cool, why the schoolkids laugh / cos the paper's got it wrong again

Alternate: "Needy Girl" by Chromeo
You're a needy girl / I can tell when I look in your big brown eyes / You want the world / but how can I do yours if I can't do mine?

"Girl Fight!"

Wufei. I have so many enemies, I can't even count them / I have so many feelings, I can't even tell / I've already come to a place / where nobody can stop me anymore / the fight never stops / the fight never stops

Alternate: "I'm a Lonely Little Petunia (in an Onion Patch)" by Imogen Heap
I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch / in an onion patch / in an onion patch ...

"I Wish I Had an Evil Twin"
The Magnetic Fields

Zechs. I wish I had an evil twin / running round doing people in in / I wish I had a very bad and evil twin to do my will / to cull and conquer, cut and kill **

Alternate: "World War IV" by David Wrench
Hey baby, don't you get upset / things will turn bad, but not just yet / and when the land is swallowed up by the sea / don't you worry baby, there's still you and me

* Is that actually what that line says?
** Zechs's motivation is finally explained! He just wants the chicks.

- - -

Second half to follow if I can make room for the rest of my music.
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I just noticed something rather depressing: Bohemianfaerie has deleted all of her comments in the infamous "but what are your thoughts on yaoi" wank. She's also deleted the grudgewank she posted her (incredibly) long, hypocritical farewell in.


I've been going through my music again, deciding what to keep and what to bid a fond (or not so fond) adieu, and I keep running into songs that I always wanted to use on a soundtrack. So here's one of those imaginary soundtracks:

(starring Johnny Depp and Koyasu Takehito)

"Amour à mort"
Les Nubians

Opening credits.

"Concrete Jungle"

No one would guess, seeing him shivering in his cut-off shorts and eyeliner, that Johnny is the son of a powerful mobster. As he turns tricks to finance his heroin addiction, the camera pans upward. Snow starts to fall, underlining Johnny's misery.

"You're So Gangsta"

Next in line to control the Takehito clan, Koyasu is slick, sexy, and dangerous. But underneath he secretly mourns for his lost little twin brother.

"I'll Come Running"
Chica & The Folder

Flashback to their childhood. Their mother is dead and their father is an alcoholic mobster, but Johnny and Koyasu have each other. They pinky swear never to be parted.

"Rebellion (Lies)"
The Arcade Fire

People say that your dreams / are the only things that save ya / Come on baby in our dreams / we can live our misbehavior

No one but Koyasu knows the true reason why Johnny ran away: a secret, shameful lust for his brother, revealed one night after he had too much beer ...

"What Your Soul Sings"
Massive Attack

While walking down the street to check on one of his father's bordellos, Koyasu sees a very familiar butt hanging out of a sedan window. He tearfully confesses his feelings to Johnny before Johnny can run away again.

"La femme d'argent"

They make love on the shag carpet in Johnny's shitty apartment. The lava lamp casts a soft, shifting glow over their bodies as they discover each other for the first time. "Be gentle," Johnny pleads. Koyasu is.

The Organ

But their happiness is only momentary. Their father finds out and soon they're on the run. They swear to die before they're parted again, mirroring the promise they made in their childhood.

"Coxcomb Red"
Songs: Ohia

Bang! "Koyasu! Nooooooooooooooooooo!"

"Exit Music (for a Film)"
Scala Choir
Closing credits.

Edit: I'm going to die of shame if any of you actually think this is serious. (Despite the music being good.)


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