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"Do you have any music that would help me get over the loss of $700?"

Well, probably not.

Being upset about the loss of personal wealth shows that you are the type of person who finds spiritual completion at the feet of Mammon, not in the transcendental pleasures of the mind. I can offer you the most sublime melodies and it will not be as sweet to your ears as the jangling of coins in your pocket.

But I can try.

Remember: There is no spoon.

We're All Loaded (Whiskey Made Me Drunk) - Rosco Gordon

"Well, I love my whiskey, and I love my beer and wine!"

The first thing you need to do is get drunk and then dance to this rollicking blues song. Similarly drunk dancing partners are optional. I find that (sober) cats work. Never tried it with a drunk cat.

Speaking of...

Kitten is Angry - Lemon Demon

"Don't touch her, don't look at her
My kitten knows tae kwon do
She can take you out, I know
I've seen it before, and it's not pretty
She's really one ferocious kitty..."

Mae Kha Som Tum - Onuma Singsiri

But maybe what you really want is to listen to a thai pop song from what sounds like the 1960s. This is apparently about a papaya salad merchant. Mmm, papaya salad.

Honky Tonk Hiccups - Neko Case

This is just cute. There are no other words for it. Neko Case's most recent albums have more of an alternative rock feel to them; the country influence is much less overt than this. "Honky Tonk" is even in the title.

Guantamera - Omara Portuondo

The title means "Girl from Guantanamo."

This song was great until someone ruined it by deciding to torture people there. Actually, it's still great. Just try not to imagine that the children's chorus is made up of prisoners of war.

Don't Touch Me Tomato - George Symonette

Right now it's too cold for farmer's markets. It's also too cold for calypso. However. Imagine yourself as the proprietor of a vegetable stand in the summer, staring down a customer who has just fondled all of your vegetables and is about to SQUEEZE YOUR TOMATO. Then this song is your anthem.

คิดถึงรู้ไหม - ดวงจันทร์ สุวรรณี

This is like a beach party. In Thailand. You have no money. You aren't sure what's happening, or where you are, but you know you like it and want to dance like everyone else. You don't even care that the horn section is fake.

A Good Day for the Blues - Ruth Brown

But maybe this wave of unstoppable, fearsome happiness isn't what you want. You want to go back to wallowing in it. Here's a song that will remind you that even though you're $700 poorer, at least you're not Ruth Brown, who (notoriously) helped to build Atlantic Records but was screwed over by them anyway.
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