Jan. 18th, 2010

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Posting this mainly for my own reference:

I'm looking for a comprehensive list of all the Korean verb endings* ( e.g ~지만, ~(으)면, 죠 etc. ) with their English meanings. Could any one of you knowledgeable people please recommend a clearly laid-out list?

It looks like some of the links could be useful. I have to go through them later. I still don't have a good "feel" for Korean verbs, since the classes I've had have taught grammar only in a very piecemeal style. I have a pretty awesome reference grammar, but it's at a higher level of detail than I can wrangle yet.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to spend at least half an hour each day on language learning. So far, I've failed. D:

I hope to change this, though, and as a reward, if I do reasonably for the next month, I'll buy myself something off of my wish list even though I really shouldn't. Maybe I'll buy this.
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"Do you have any music that would help me get over the loss of $700?"

Well, probably not.

Being upset about the loss of personal wealth shows that you are the type of person who finds spiritual completion at the feet of Mammon, not in the transcendental pleasures of the mind. I can offer you the most sublime melodies and it will not be as sweet to your ears as the jangling of coins in your pocket.

But I can try.

Remember: There is no spoon.

If none of these make you smile, then you have no soul. )


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