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omfg guys she's doing it again.

that attention whore [personal profile] sudaki has written another stupid post complaining about my bleach fics. no one's making her read them! for someone who claims to have better things to do with her time she spends a lot of time obsessing about what i do!

Listen, you stinky fish taco:

1. if you don't like kenpachi/byakuya, DON'T READ

2. if you don't like vampires, DON'T READ

3. if you don't like scrabble, DON'T READ

its not rocket science. i can write what i want and you can NOT READ IT. i don't want people like you reading it anyway. you might get your stupidity all over it.

Second, even if you could use proper nouns in Scrabble (and you can't)

you can totally use proper nouns in scrabble now. but you didn't know that, cuz you probably can't even read british, just like you can't read japanese (everyone knows you're a liar).

and yes they can play scrabble in soul society if they want to. i don't expect a zaraki/hanataro shipper to notice details but in chapter 83 ichigo brings them the board. and i put in a warning for explicit scrabble anyway so WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT.

Even if Kenpachi was turned into a vampire I don't think he'd cry about it, but [personal profile] kutsuwamushi has him crying EVERY SCENE. Literally.

that's because my kenpachi is in touch with his feelings. your kenpachi is just a stereotype which is why you pair him with someone boring like hanatarou, so they can be boring stereotypes togehter. my kenpachi has depth and emotion! and he's a vampire so of course he's crying all the time, that's what it's like being a vampire, haven't you ever seen the tom cruise movie?

i didn't have anything against zaraki/hanataro shippers until you came along and proved they're all delusional.
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I just noticed something rather depressing: Bohemianfaerie has deleted all of her comments in the infamous "but what are your thoughts on yaoi" wank. She's also deleted the grudgewank she posted her (incredibly) long, hypocritical farewell in.


I've been going through my music again, deciding what to keep and what to bid a fond (or not so fond) adieu, and I keep running into songs that I always wanted to use on a soundtrack. So here's one of those imaginary soundtracks:

(starring Johnny Depp and Koyasu Takehito)

"Amour à mort"
Les Nubians

Opening credits.

"Concrete Jungle"

No one would guess, seeing him shivering in his cut-off shorts and eyeliner, that Johnny is the son of a powerful mobster. As he turns tricks to finance his heroin addiction, the camera pans upward. Snow starts to fall, underlining Johnny's misery.

"You're So Gangsta"

Next in line to control the Takehito clan, Koyasu is slick, sexy, and dangerous. But underneath he secretly mourns for his lost little twin brother.

"I'll Come Running"
Chica & The Folder

Flashback to their childhood. Their mother is dead and their father is an alcoholic mobster, but Johnny and Koyasu have each other. They pinky swear never to be parted.

"Rebellion (Lies)"
The Arcade Fire

People say that your dreams / are the only things that save ya / Come on baby in our dreams / we can live our misbehavior

No one but Koyasu knows the true reason why Johnny ran away: a secret, shameful lust for his brother, revealed one night after he had too much beer ...

"What Your Soul Sings"
Massive Attack

While walking down the street to check on one of his father's bordellos, Koyasu sees a very familiar butt hanging out of a sedan window. He tearfully confesses his feelings to Johnny before Johnny can run away again.

"La femme d'argent"

They make love on the shag carpet in Johnny's shitty apartment. The lava lamp casts a soft, shifting glow over their bodies as they discover each other for the first time. "Be gentle," Johnny pleads. Koyasu is.

The Organ

But their happiness is only momentary. Their father finds out and soon they're on the run. They swear to die before they're parted again, mirroring the promise they made in their childhood.

"Coxcomb Red"
Songs: Ohia

Bang! "Koyasu! Nooooooooooooooooooo!"

"Exit Music (for a Film)"
Scala Choir
Closing credits.

Edit: I'm going to die of shame if any of you actually think this is serious. (Despite the music being good.)


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