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I am strangely fascinated by Billy the Exterminator.

Mostly, it's the accents - but also, it's how everyone FLIPS THE FUCK OUT when they find out there is NATURE in their NATURE.


I know people have phobias and all, but I can't remember a single person on this show, including the titular Billy, who has not overreacted to the presence of a creepy crawly. It's great. My favorite scene is when a python wraps around Billy's forearm and he starts screaming about how much it hurts and how much danger he's in, while the snake guy is obviously trying not to tell him to calm the fuck down and ruin the shot.

I think everyone who doesn't freak out gets edited out.

(On a more serious note - I wonder how much portrayals of people flipping the fuck out at any sign of a snake or bug encourages people to flip out in real life. People are really susceptible to suggestion like this. See: If you fool people into thinking that they're drinking booze many will actually act intoxicated.)


Jul. 22nd, 2010 04:54 pm
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See my icon?

That's taken from a promotional picture for the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, which has been given a go. The new avatar is a water tribe woman named Korra. From the interview I just linked:
The new “Avatar” is a woman. What inspired you to change the sex of the protagonist of the series?

Michael DiMartino: It’s not so much about changing because we had Avatar Kyoshi before Aang. We’d established that the Avatar can be male or female and we just thought let’s explore one of those more in depth, because Kyoshi was a popular character with a lot of fans and it seemed like a great opportunity to not retread what we’d done with Aang, who was a great hero, we all loved him, but we really wanted to try something different. And we have so many great female fans out there, who really responded to Katara in the first series, we thought we have the fan base who are really going to enjoy seeing the Avatar be a female.

Konietzko: Mike and I, we love those characters too, and we’ve encountered countless fans who are male who really like those characters too. We just don’t subscribe to the conventional wisdom that you can’t have an action series led by a female character. It’s kinda nonsense to us.
I plan to support this show with my real money if I'm given a chance.

So far the details are quite vague, but we know that Korra lives some sixty or seventy years after the original show is set, and is taught airbending by Aang and Katara's son. A large part of the show will take place in a city that is inspired by Shanghai and Hongkong in the 1920's and 30's. There will be tension between benders and non-benders.

I can't wait.

High-res version of the image in my icon. The creators say it won't entirely look like this, but look at the city. Awesome.
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The dying latte-lady's niece stopped by the coffee place again today, and told me that she really, really liked it. It turns out I made a latte for a dying ninety-year-old diabetic who hardly ever got to have one because she's on a very strict diet.

It seems like she's doing worse now than she was last night, because she also mentioned "trying" to get her to sign a card so that she could send it to her uncles.


So, unrelated, I should be studying for my exam tomorrow, but how can I do that when there's a cheesy miniseries on about the moon colliding with the earth?

Less than ten minutes in and there's a surprise asteroid about to hit the moon. (It's part of a meteor shower, but they somehow managed to miss it.) Oh, it hit! On the side facing the earth so everyone could see the explosion!

ETA: "Jake said that a meteor wiped out all of the dinosaurs, and that if I don't clean my room, an even bigger one is going to come." Dad reassures kid, then watches kid say night-time prayers while standing in half-shadow and as sad music plays. omg.
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I'm working through my "easy reading" list, and am on Dead Until Dark, the first book in Sookie Stackhouse series. The premise is pretty basic: Sookie Stackhouse, small-town waitress with the special ability to hear others' thoughts, gets tangled up with vampires and other creatures in Yet Another Supernatural Romance.

In subject matter and general intent, it's very similar to the Anita Blake novels, but Sookie isn't quite as annoying as Anita (yet). She's uninteresting and shallow, but at least she doesn't make a lot of noise about how haaaaaard it is to be badass oh life is soooo haaaaaaaaaaard why are all these hot men wanting to sleeeeep with me god it suuuuucks ewwww gay people-


The first book matches up pretty closely to the first season of the HBO series, but there were some changes. My thoughts below the cut. Because you don't need to know.

Read more... )I know that the books go on forever, and Sookie keeps racking up suitors--like Anita Blake, again, but I hope that I don't get irritated by that too soon. All in all, it was entertaining and much less objectionable than the Dresden Files book.
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Not that I have anything against owners of Mini Coopers - in general, they have their priorities straight. They wanted a car that -

- is cute as hell.
- is fun to drive.
- is easy to park.

And I can't argue with that, but the fact is, they did make the wrong choice in car, because there is one that fulfills all of those requirements far better than a Mini, and is just as charmingly retro. It's the 1963 Peel P50.

Three more images of this fabulous car. )

You may want to ask, What about safety? That's a very good question, but rest assured: it's probably almost as safe as going on foot... down the center of the lane.

This post, and the screenshots in it, are brought to you by Kate watching old episodes of Top Gear.
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So, fellow watchers of Criminal Minds...

Who else immediately thought "OMG, it's Kirk and Spock"? And then thought, "that's so appropriate it hurts"? I was disappointed when they didn't put their hands on the glass.


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