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Girl, 16, banned from school for wearing hijab in Spain.

She sounds like a remarkably ungrateful brat. Her school only has her best interests at heart. She should be down on her knees thanking them for taking such an interest in her freedom.

How can anyone, especially the beneficiaries of such kindness, fail to recognize that when the government forces women out of school, work, and public life for refusing to change their religious beliefs, they're liberating them from oppression?

The government knows what's best for her. By expelling her from school, the administration is breaking the patriarchal chains that have kept women in Muslim countries uneducated and unable to make their own choices. And they're also showing her classmates as well that these values--equality, freedom--are important.

Why she doesn't understand all this, I have no idea.
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Dear Customer:

You decided to thank me for good service by giving me a religious pamphlet. You even handed it to me directly, so we had to have that awkward moment when I realized what it was and wasn't too thrilled about it.

First of all, it really irritates me when people assume that I'm ignorant about Christianity. I am not. I know more about Christianity than many practicing Christians. Your pamphlet didn't include anything new.

But second of all, and most importantly, "spreading the good word" as thanks for service -- as a tip -- cheapens it. It's not currency. It's not a favor. Don't treat it as such.

Either you give it to everyone, in which case you were being untruthful when you suggested that you were giving it to me because I gave you good servive, or you ration it out to those you think are deserving. Neither option makes you come off as all that righteous.

If I hadn't already been irritated when you took five minutes to find twelve cents so you wouldn't have to carry around change (or put it in the tip jar)... well, I would still be irritated.

My suspicions that you were a little bit dim were definitely confirmed.

I somewhat regret that I didn't say, "Sorry, but your worldview would make my heart smaller, and I'm trying to put the whole universe in there."


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