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I don't often recommend a Youtube channel but I'm gonna do it now.

I've been watching Lindsay Ellis and it's so worth it. She does, broadly, intelligent and snarky film criticism that's grounded in film studies (though not always academic in tone). Her introduction to film studies through the Transformers is both hilarious and educational. Sadly, it's only up to five parts (out of twelve) so I have to wait for the rest.

She also has a series called Loose Canon, which is about archetypes and famous characters in popular culture, and a collection of longer, one-off video essays. I particularly enjoyed her take on why Disney's Hercules was such a weak movie - because, while she's super-critical, she's coming at it as a Disney fan.

In general that is what is so satisfying about it: Even when she hates a movie, like RENT, she doesn't make a video full of hot takes and snark. She explains why, from an informed and critical perspective. The snark is the seasoning rather than the point.
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I learned about My Dad Wrote A Porno late - I've been catching up over the summer.

If you don't know about it, here's the basics: A guy's dad decides to write "erotic literature," after having never written anything else in his life. Instead of pretending it didn't happen, the guy grabs his two friends and reads it aloud to them on a weekly podcast.

It becomes a podcast sensation because it's super fucking funny.

What really charms me about the whole show is how innocent the three of them are. They're not prudish exactly - it's more that they're discovering the joy of terrible erotic literature for the first time*. Sometimes I just want to say, "Oh, bless them."

The novel itself is perfect. It's not really shocking - so far the most out-there fetish involves some unwise usage of spaghetti sauce. It's just really, really bad writing all-around, and sometimes makes you question what is going on in the author's head (if anything). My favorite WTF moments aren't even during the sex scenes - although those are also pretty WTF due to the author's terrible grasp of female anatomy.

* Oh my God, I just realized that it's basically an audio version of a fanfic MSTing. I just remember that fanfic MSTing was a thing! And that I did them!


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