Mar. 11th, 2012 06:52 pm
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Wow, the last time I updated was August. It's strange. I guess I feel that I don't have much to say.

But things have happened. I completed my degree, applied - and was accepted to - some PhD programs, and am now considering moving to what would be my third state of residence. [Details left intentionally blank.] I've been to New York for a conference, been moving back and forth between my home town and my current place to do some work for my family's business, dropped in and out of a sort-of relationship, and -


You know, it's weird. I'm content to let these things happen and not really talk about them much. What do people talk about with each other? I relate best to people I can argue with.

Anyway, this is just a heads up that I'm still alive, and still around, even though I can be pretty negligent with checking my friends list. A couple people have asked if I'm okay - yeah, I'm okay. Maybe I'll start posting more, or maybe I'll just lurk, only to appear when SOMEONE IS WRONG.
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I am alive. Kind of.

I decided to spend the entire winter break with my family and friends in my hometown. It was hectic and overwhelming and Life Stuff happened. Then as soon as I got back, I was thrown headfirst into two major research projects and miscellaneous assignments because none of my professors this semester believe in easing you into it.

And I started playing Sims again, which means... well.

A cat picture, which I'm too lazy to resize. )
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I have no words for how exhausted I am.

I'm still sick, which naturally makes me more tired. I've been struggling to stay awake through the day, because I know that if I take a nap it will only disrupt my sleep.

Then when it's finally bedtime, I can't sleep because I keep choking on mucus.

I think I'm going to have to go give in and have an extra coffee this afternoon. I usually avoid drinking coffee after lunch, but I have so much work to do and I feel like I'm going to collapse. Fine, Starbucks, you can have more of my money. Maybe this time I'll get some coffee with flavor.
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My left nostril, on the other hand, is completely clear.

You all needed that update.

(Fuck public transportation. This is the second winter in a row I've gotten a cold. Usually my immune system is all "HAH, I DEFEAT YOU, PUNY VIRUS" but that's changed now that I take a very crowded bus every morning. I'm going to have to get my arch-enemy [personal profile] sudaki to send me some of those cute surgical masks they have in Japan.)
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I am back from Spring Break, which was... strange. It was nice to see friends, but someone in my extended social circle died of an overdose while I was there.

I probably talked to him at most twice in the last five years, but a lot of my friends knew him well and were fond of him. One of my friends went out with him for ages--they had some rough patches and she had to move away recently, but she was very upset. So that was sad and weird.

I was also sick. Luckily, when I arrived, I was just getting over a bug, and when I left, I was just coming down with another bug, so it wasn't too bad while I was there.

Now I'm really miserable. I have something that is making me cough so long and so hard that a) can't sleep, and b) I think I sprained something. Seriously, every time I cough or move the wrong way, I get a horrible pain in my right side. The rest of the time it just aches dully. I can barely pick up my backpack.

I might stop by student health tomorrow. Not that they can do much, but maybe they can refer me to a doctor who can prescribe me some drugs. (Like an effective cough suppressant!)

... on the plus side, there is a mother singing to her kid in Chinese under my window.


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