Aug. 4th, 2011 11:40 pm
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Just about a year ago, I noted that this post on Little Details has been getting comments from hapless anons who think it is a forum for discussing what it's like to live with a broken pelvis.

They're still going. The last anonymous comment was made today.

I believe I have previously PMed the owner of the original post to ask if they could friends-lock the entry, but got no response.

And I have a feeling it's only going to get worse. This post is now on the second page of results for "broken pelvis" on Google.
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Minor weirdness:

This little_details post on what it's like to break your pelvis has been getting comments for two years. Somehow it's gotten its way onto search engine results.

Now the anons, who mostly have no idea it's on a community for writers, are starting to get fighty.
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Question: How hard would it be to pose some Star Wars figures like they're having gay sex?

Answer: This hard.


Of course, sometimes it's less than hilarious. Today I discovered that a post made several months ago was collecting anonymous comments from people who wanted advice on how to commit suicide.

When I contacted LJ Abuse about it to see if there was anything that they could do, not only did they say no, they suggested that I go ahead and delete the post because it was against the terms of service; otherwise, they could suspend "it."

(What does "it" mean? The account that posted the entry? The community?)

[community profile] little_details is a community for asking about fictional situations, and the original poster did say that they wanted to know for a story. Of course, people can lie, but if it doesn't matter whether they say it's for a fictional situation, then [community profile] little_details is at risk--either from being suspended, or from having restrictions put on it that make it less useful.

I replied asking for clarification and haven't heard back yet.


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