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I hate to be the bearer of late and redundant news, but this is too smile-making to assume you've all seen it already:


We haven't won the war, but winning a battle feels nice, doesn't it? Here is the Metafilter thread on this, which has the most informative discussion about the decision that I've seen yet. It was posted earlier today, before the decision was announced.

New York Times article with a briefer summary of what this probably means.

The Big Picture takes on same-sex marriage. Some beautiful pictures. Ignore the comments.

More links that I've been collecting over the past few weeks days:

Cordoba House, a Muslim community center whose founders' values include rejection of religious extremism, has come under attack; right-wing pundits and politicians are using it in a cynical attempt to capitalize on anti-Muslim sentiment, turning it into the "ground zero mosque." There are so many ways to respond to this: It's not a mosque and not even visible from the site; Muslims are not our enemies and in fact suffered and died on 9/11 as well; there is already a mosque as close to ground zero. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has responded to the outrage in a speech defending freedom of religion.

Those scanners that the TSA promised can't store the "nude" pictures they take of you? Actually, the U.S. Marshals now admit to saving tens of thousands of those pictures.

In 2004 then 19 year old Sara Reedy was raped at gunpoint. Six months later, she was jailed for false complaint. Today, a federal appeals court reinstated her lawsuit against the police detective who orchestrated her arrest. (Another MeFi link)

Probably everyone has already seen this, but here is Rachel Maddow's wonderful take on the difference between a democracy and a constitutional democracy: we don't get to vote on rights.

Iroquois Lacrosse Team was not able to compete in world championship because the British government did not accept their passports.

North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup. The team's coach has apparently been forced to go into construction work.

A motorcyclist has been charged with wiretapping and faces up to sixteen years in jail for videotaping a police stop in which a plainclothes police officer approached him with his gun drawn and yelling.

Big cats on catnip
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I'm sure most of the Americans on my friends list have seen at least some of the stories about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" that have been linked around in the last few days. More military officials are criticizing the policy and are asking for it to be repealed.

Here are some photos from a book of photographs of gay service members--all with their faces hidden.

Hiding their faces (hopefully) protects them from consequences, but it also makes a powerful point, doesn't it?
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Americans' Role Seen In Uganda Anti-Gay Push (NYT)
The visitors discussed how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how “the gay movement is an evil institution” whose goal is “to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.”
Of course, after portraying homosexuals as malicious predators who want to rape children and destroy society, the evangelicals played dumb: "We didn't mean to foment hate!" I'm sorry, assholes, but you're lying when you say you love homosexuals; your reprehensible slander betrays your real feelings. Whatever psychosexual issues are at the root of your obsession with homosexuals, it's a hateful obsession.

You are hateful.

Own up to it. Say "I hate homosexuals" and at least be honest men.
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LJ is now displaying ads from the National Organization for Restricting Marriage to Only Certain People.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not assuming that LiveJournal made the choice to air this pro-discrimination ad or that it's their fault (like the person who discovered the ad), although I'll be interested to see if the current management is responsive to complaints. It's probable that the ad made its way onto one of the ad services that LiveJournal uses without anyone realizing it.

My issue is that I only know an ad like this could be appearing on my content because someone posted about it and it got linked. I'm a basic user, which means that there are ads on my journal, but that logged-in basic and paid users don't see them. Everyone else does.

I could change to being a plus user, but I am irritated enough at LiveJournal's decisions regarding advertising that I don't want to - and anyway, I would only end up ad-blocking the damn things anyway.

The no-advertising business plan is the main reason I'm drawn to Dreamwidth, by the way, followed shortly by the we're-not-bigots company policy.

Edit: LiveJournal has responded and says that they are tracking down the ad so that they can remove it.


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