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I can rant all day about how Tumblr ruined fandom, but right now I'm annoyed at a specific thing:

People misusing tags to get attention for their stupid, uninteresting blogs.

I'm talking about when someone posts a vague "AU idea" or "imagine" that doesn't have anything to do with a particular fandom, and they tag it with every popular fandom and pairing they can think of to get the most views. For some tags I'm monitoring, there is more of this bullshit than actual relevant content.

And people like and reblog, validating the behavior. Meanwhile I'm sitting on my hands even though I just want to reply, "STOP DOING THIS, UGH YOU ARE THE WORST."

Tumblr incentivizes this bullshit because blogging on Tumblr, unless you already have a social circle, is like posting into a black hole. You have to catch the attention of people through tagging in order to build followers. And the social currency is likes and reblogs, not discussions. So you can understand why people do it.

This is one of the ways I think that the LJ model is much better. Sure, I don't have many active followers, and it's a lot slower than it was back in the glory days, but there are some people who will read this. Someone might even comment, and it will be a name I recognize, rather than an anonymous person who just like my post because it had a certain keyword in it. I don't need to collect huge numbers of notes in order to feel like I'm connecting with people.


Mar. 14th, 2012 07:39 pm
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Apparently, Paypal decided to forbid people from using its services to buy or sell dirty books.

Apparently, Paypal has now reversed that decision, for the most part - but will still forbid "obscene" images.

I missed this entirely. That's what I get for not reading my friends list, I suppose.

This wouldn't have affected me much; I don't use Paypal to start with. But in a broader sense, when one company has the ability to basically shut down small internet publishers with a change of policy, that does affect me. Our reliance on private companies for the technology and services that drive the internet means that free speech online is in a weird place.

This is just a couple days after I ran across yet another story of PayPal arbitrarily shutting someone down on Regretsy. Regretsy itself has an interest in this kind of story because of PayPal's shutting their charitable drive down.
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I decided to watch Star Trek a few days ago. I haven't watched much of it since I was a kid, and if there's one thing that makes me giggle madly, it's science fiction writers who can imagine faster-than-light travel but not women holding a higher position than secretary.

It's been great fun.

No comment on this, though.

(Icon strangely appropriate both for Star Trek and Doctor Who! Oh man, Haruka needs a space ship.)
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omfg guys she's doing it again.

that attention whore [personal profile] sudaki has written another stupid post complaining about my bleach fics. no one's making her read them! for someone who claims to have better things to do with her time she spends a lot of time obsessing about what i do!

Listen, you stinky fish taco:

1. if you don't like kenpachi/byakuya, DON'T READ

2. if you don't like vampires, DON'T READ

3. if you don't like scrabble, DON'T READ

its not rocket science. i can write what i want and you can NOT READ IT. i don't want people like you reading it anyway. you might get your stupidity all over it.

Second, even if you could use proper nouns in Scrabble (and you can't)

you can totally use proper nouns in scrabble now. but you didn't know that, cuz you probably can't even read british, just like you can't read japanese (everyone knows you're a liar).

and yes they can play scrabble in soul society if they want to. i don't expect a zaraki/hanataro shipper to notice details but in chapter 83 ichigo brings them the board. and i put in a warning for explicit scrabble anyway so WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT.

Even if Kenpachi was turned into a vampire I don't think he'd cry about it, but [personal profile] kutsuwamushi has him crying EVERY SCENE. Literally.

that's because my kenpachi is in touch with his feelings. your kenpachi is just a stereotype which is why you pair him with someone boring like hanatarou, so they can be boring stereotypes togehter. my kenpachi has depth and emotion! and he's a vampire so of course he's crying all the time, that's what it's like being a vampire, haven't you ever seen the tom cruise movie?

i didn't have anything against zaraki/hanataro shippers until you came along and proved they're all delusional.
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I think in the hands of a very talented author the basic world and characters she's created could have had a certain amount of staying power - maybe not Odyssey-like but Middle Earth standard.
-- A commenter on [community profile] fanficrants, in a discussion about the "epic" worldbuilding in the Anita Blake vampire porn series, here.
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This is for [personal profile] sudaki, who requested screenshots.

Keep in mind that this is from the Sims 3, which still has really limited customization; this was the best that I could do. Ono is the one in the flame boxer briefs. He looks more like Ono when he has his glasses (and clothes) on.

(They're all cranky because it's dark and the house only has one bed.)
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It took so little time for me to give up on the Antique Bakery anime. One minute and eleven seconds, to be exact.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the original manga, it's a charming series about four men who work in a pastry shop in Japan: the owner, who mysteriously detests sweet food; the homosexual pastry chef who has a mile-long trail of broken hearts behind him; the apprentice, a former boxer who had to quit boxing due to injury; and finally, the owner's manservant, who works as a waiter because he isn't good at anything else.

It's written by Yoshinaga Fumi, who turns almost everything into gold with her delicate touch.

The first thing that I noticed about the anime is that the art is bad. On top of it being strikingly bad, it doesn't bear any resemblance to Yoshinaga's style at all. It took me a moment to realize that the guy having a nightmare-slash flashback on the couch is supposed to be one of the main characters.

When I realized that it was Tachibana on the couch, reliving his most painful memory, at one minute and eleven seconds in -- that was when I gave up. I knew that they had missed the point. I could image the writers going, "Hey, these emotional conflicts are too subtle and nuanced. What we really need is some more melodrama and some tiny violins!"

I kept watching a little while longer to see just how bad it could be. There was nothing as horrible as the beginning, but even the scenes that were copied directly from the manga seemed off. There are a lot of reasons why I thought they were off, but it's late, and what it boils down to is that even in its best moments the anime is only a pale imitation of the manga; it adds nothing worthwhile to the experience of the story.

In summary: Tiny violins are too crunchy and do not go good with cake.
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Having been the target of wank on JF, I certainly wouldn't go there.
JournalFen is not Fandom Wank. Most people reading my journal probably know this, but I feel like repeating it until it’s absolutely clear. I hate to see JournalFen’s reputation suffer just because they have strong opinions on free speech.

Administrators like that are ones we want, right?

The administrators of JournalFen stand up for Fandom Wank’s right to exist despite the trouble it causes them: server outages, outraged abuse reports, and of course the mistaken idea that they must em support Fandom Wank simply because they haven’t given it the boot. Even if I hated Fandom Wank, I would respect them for that.

The person I quoted went on to say that when Fandom Wank made “posts and defamatory comments over something deliberately taken out of context from my LJ,” she reported them to Abuse and JournalFen refused to do anything about it. That, in her mind, makes JournalFen a bad place. A place of wank.

I don’t remember her. Maybe Fandom Wank really was unfair, because that happens--has even happened to me. But being unfair, quoting someone out of context and mocking them, isn’t illegal*, although it may be distasteful. It’s still a matter of free speech, and JournalFen has taken the stance that free speech is important to them. That means continuing to host stuff that many people don’t like.

Guess what else a lot of people don’t like? Underaged Harry Potter porn.

* Except in specific circumstances which I don’t believe Fandom Wank often meets. I highly doubt this person was “defamed” in any legal sense.


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