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I understand that I'm a young woman and therefore am inexperienced and dumb, but I do know that there's a country called "Brazil," and that in Portuguese the name is "Brasil."

In fact, I even know that its capital is "Brasília," and that its design has a literally fatal flaw: As a "modern" city, its streets were designed for the car, resulting in a horrendous rate of pedestrian casualties. Did you know that?

Also, it's creepy when old men leeeaaaaan over the register and invade my personal space, especially when they're the only people who do it. Cut that shit out.

This post is about a customer who tried to enlighten me on why it's odd that our made-in-Italy "coffee machine" is called Brasilia and that I'M REALLY FUCKING TIRED OF BEING CONDESCENDED TO.
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Dear Customer:

You decided to thank me for good service by giving me a religious pamphlet. You even handed it to me directly, so we had to have that awkward moment when I realized what it was and wasn't too thrilled about it.

First of all, it really irritates me when people assume that I'm ignorant about Christianity. I am not. I know more about Christianity than many practicing Christians. Your pamphlet didn't include anything new.

But second of all, and most importantly, "spreading the good word" as thanks for service -- as a tip -- cheapens it. It's not currency. It's not a favor. Don't treat it as such.

Either you give it to everyone, in which case you were being untruthful when you suggested that you were giving it to me because I gave you good servive, or you ration it out to those you think are deserving. Neither option makes you come off as all that righteous.

If I hadn't already been irritated when you took five minutes to find twelve cents so you wouldn't have to carry around change (or put it in the tip jar)... well, I would still be irritated.

My suspicions that you were a little bit dim were definitely confirmed.

I somewhat regret that I didn't say, "Sorry, but your worldview would make my heart smaller, and I'm trying to put the whole universe in there."
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The dying latte-lady's niece stopped by the coffee place again today, and told me that she really, really liked it. It turns out I made a latte for a dying ninety-year-old diabetic who hardly ever got to have one because she's on a very strict diet.

It seems like she's doing worse now than she was last night, because she also mentioned "trying" to get her to sign a card so that she could send it to her uncles.


So, unrelated, I should be studying for my exam tomorrow, but how can I do that when there's a cheesy miniseries on about the moon colliding with the earth?

Less than ten minutes in and there's a surprise asteroid about to hit the moon. (It's part of a meteor shower, but they somehow managed to miss it.) Oh, it hit! On the side facing the earth so everyone could see the explosion!

ETA: "Jake said that a meteor wiped out all of the dinosaurs, and that if I don't clean my room, an even bigger one is going to come." Dad reassures kid, then watches kid say night-time prayers while standing in half-shadow and as sad music plays. omg.


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