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Dear Customer:

You decided to thank me for good service by giving me a religious pamphlet. You even handed it to me directly, so we had to have that awkward moment when I realized what it was and wasn't too thrilled about it.

First of all, it really irritates me when people assume that I'm ignorant about Christianity. I am not. I know more about Christianity than many practicing Christians. Your pamphlet didn't include anything new.

But second of all, and most importantly, "spreading the good word" as thanks for service -- as a tip -- cheapens it. It's not currency. It's not a favor. Don't treat it as such.

Either you give it to everyone, in which case you were being untruthful when you suggested that you were giving it to me because I gave you good servive, or you ration it out to those you think are deserving. Neither option makes you come off as all that righteous.

If I hadn't already been irritated when you took five minutes to find twelve cents so you wouldn't have to carry around change (or put it in the tip jar)... well, I would still be irritated.

My suspicions that you were a little bit dim were definitely confirmed.

I somewhat regret that I didn't say, "Sorry, but your worldview would make my heart smaller, and I'm trying to put the whole universe in there."


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