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omfg guys she's doing it again.

that attention whore [personal profile] sudaki has written another stupid post complaining about my bleach fics. no one's making her read them! for someone who claims to have better things to do with her time she spends a lot of time obsessing about what i do!

Listen, you stinky fish taco:

1. if you don't like kenpachi/byakuya, DON'T READ

2. if you don't like vampires, DON'T READ

3. if you don't like scrabble, DON'T READ

its not rocket science. i can write what i want and you can NOT READ IT. i don't want people like you reading it anyway. you might get your stupidity all over it.

Second, even if you could use proper nouns in Scrabble (and you can't)

you can totally use proper nouns in scrabble now. but you didn't know that, cuz you probably can't even read british, just like you can't read japanese (everyone knows you're a liar).

and yes they can play scrabble in soul society if they want to. i don't expect a zaraki/hanataro shipper to notice details but in chapter 83 ichigo brings them the board. and i put in a warning for explicit scrabble anyway so WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT.

Even if Kenpachi was turned into a vampire I don't think he'd cry about it, but [personal profile] kutsuwamushi has him crying EVERY SCENE. Literally.

that's because my kenpachi is in touch with his feelings. your kenpachi is just a stereotype which is why you pair him with someone boring like hanatarou, so they can be boring stereotypes togehter. my kenpachi has depth and emotion! and he's a vampire so of course he's crying all the time, that's what it's like being a vampire, haven't you ever seen the tom cruise movie?

i didn't have anything against zaraki/hanataro shippers until you came along and proved they're all delusional.
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Nothing out of the ordinary. Look at all these boring monochrome people.

Durarara is a story about a place, speciifcally the creator's semi-fantastic version of Ikebukuro. A headless motorcyclist haunts the streets, the mysterious "Dollars" gang is rumored to exist but no one knows who its members are, foreigners and runaways disappear, a debt collector so strong that he can throw vending machines has an intense personal vendetta against a knife-wielding and cruel practical joker...

And there's more.

The format is a little strange at first. We see something happening from one point of view, and then later, from another, showing how these events--even if they appear unconnected at first--are part of a larger plot. Each episode has had its own viewpoint character. The first episode begins when a boy from a small town arrives in Ikebukuro for school and is introduced to the city by his best friend, who has already been living there awhile.

So far I'm really enjoying it. It has a large cast, and I like all of them so far. It does come off as a little bit trendy, but it's unusual trendy, and very entertaining, which makes it forgivable.

Thank you, [personal profile] herongale, for reccing it!
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Take that, Edward Cullen.

There seem to be two animated versions of Hellsing. I thought I would try this one, because I couldn't remember if it sucked or not, and because someone on Netflix said it was the version truer to the manga.

So far it has been mostly pulled from the manga, just slightly rearranged. It loses something in the transition, though. The animation shortcuts make it drastically less creepy, and attempts to emulate the style of the manga fall flat. I'm not sure if the visual style of Hellsing is suited to animation, but a decent attempt would require a bigger budget. And more imagination.

That and condensing the storyline made it even more stupid. We have two things: clumsy exposition, and violence. The manga is completely ridiculous, but it has something that makes it entertaining all the same. Style, a bit of a story... Not so much this anime.

I think I'll remove the rest of this from my Netflix queue unless someone says, "no, wait, it gets better!"


When I last watched, the Tytanian dukes were embarrassing themselves by losing important battles to various types of riffraff: pirates, doctors of philosophy, men with no cravats. Fan Hyulick, a member of he latter category, had been particularly annoying, and so Tytania was after him.

Alses, Duke Zarlish's horrible little brother - from now own referred to as "the squid" - captured the woman in stupid pants and decided to use her as bait.

It backfired, because he sucks.

Fan Hyulick rescues the plot device. Kind of.

The rest of this post contains spoilers. )
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We collect taxes in the form of hair care products.

Tytania is about a clan (named Tytania) that's so successful in war and shooting toddlers out of cannons that it controls the space empire that it nominally serves. Ever since the first clan lord, named Neville, they have never been defeated. They're feared and hated throughout the universe, but everyone who stands up to them is ruthlessly crushed under a very snazzy boot heel.

The current clan lord has four potential successors, each with their own fashion foibles:

Cut for a hot mess. )
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Winry is hot.

So I didn't like the first two episodes very much. I thought that there are too many important plot points crammed haphazardly into too short a time frame.

Now I'm up to episode six and I'm starting to like it more.

The storytelling flows better, although it's still moving at a very fast pace. Things are revealed in episode six of Brotherhood that are kept until episode sixteen in the original anime. It has all been streamlined: filler cut, story condensed. This isn't universally bad, but I feel like I'm not really being given time to become attached to the characters before Important Plot happens.

I'm appreciating the updated animation, especially during fight scenes.


I feel like I'm being pandered to. The increased emphasis on the painful parts of the plot--how they're telegraphed in advance, how there's no time to rest between blows--it's as if the creators are proclaiming "THIS R SERIOUS ANIME" in a very loud voice. The original was better balanced.

I've been watching the original and the new one concurrently, which makes the differences stand out even more.

Episode seven is in the download queue. I'm really looking forward to when Brotherhood substantially diverges, which it hasn't yet.
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Ando Natsu (DramaWiki)

ando natsu title image

Ando Natsu dreams of becoming a patissiere, but fate leads her to a traditional Japanese confectionery, where she becomes the owner's apprentice.

It's light, feel-good, and ultimately pointless fluff, shot with a lot of soft focus on a set that looks like it was built in a school gymnasium. There are touching backstories and speeches about making things from the heart and so on.

Nothing is particularly new or interesting about it except the Japanese confectionery angle. My guess is that the manga it's based on was better, in order for it to become popular enough to spawn a live-action version.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood title image

This is a remake, not a sequel, of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime.

The series has only just begun, but I'm already diappointed. The writers have made the classic adaptation mistake: they forgot that how a story is told is as important as what the story is. You can't throw a bunch of plot points at your readers and expect them to have the same impact as if they were put in a well-developed story.

Specifically, in the original anime, the costs of alchemy, especially when combined with things like ambition and hubris, were revealed over time. We knew that alchemy could be sinister almost at once, but the true scope of it only became clear as the series progressed. In this version, it feels like most of it is crammed into the first episodes.

I hope that this will change later. It could be that the writers are trying to communicate the basics of the story before moving on to manga events that weren't covered in the first anime. I'll keep watching until I find out.
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It took so little time for me to give up on the Antique Bakery anime. One minute and eleven seconds, to be exact.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the original manga, it's a charming series about four men who work in a pastry shop in Japan: the owner, who mysteriously detests sweet food; the homosexual pastry chef who has a mile-long trail of broken hearts behind him; the apprentice, a former boxer who had to quit boxing due to injury; and finally, the owner's manservant, who works as a waiter because he isn't good at anything else.

It's written by Yoshinaga Fumi, who turns almost everything into gold with her delicate touch.

The first thing that I noticed about the anime is that the art is bad. On top of it being strikingly bad, it doesn't bear any resemblance to Yoshinaga's style at all. It took me a moment to realize that the guy having a nightmare-slash flashback on the couch is supposed to be one of the main characters.

When I realized that it was Tachibana on the couch, reliving his most painful memory, at one minute and eleven seconds in -- that was when I gave up. I knew that they had missed the point. I could image the writers going, "Hey, these emotional conflicts are too subtle and nuanced. What we really need is some more melodrama and some tiny violins!"

I kept watching a little while longer to see just how bad it could be. There was nothing as horrible as the beginning, but even the scenes that were copied directly from the manga seemed off. There are a lot of reasons why I thought they were off, but it's late, and what it boils down to is that even in its best moments the anime is only a pale imitation of the manga; it adds nothing worthwhile to the experience of the story.

In summary: Tiny violins are too crunchy and do not go good with cake.
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There's an episode in the Hikaru no Go anime where our heroes, Hikaru, Waya, and Isumi, follow the directions given to them by a "scary-looking but nice" man to a go salon that they haven't been to before. Isumi is the first to notice that something is very wrong when he sees the sign outside of the salon: it says "바둑 龍".

They enter the salon.

Ominous music plays as they survey the customers inside. This is what they see:


It's been a long time since I read the manga, so I don't know how this scene was drawn there, or how much of our heroes' overreaction is THE KOREANS ARE GOING TO EAT ME and how much is the anime's habit of making the characters react over-dramatically to everything.

It wouldn't be the first time the anime gave the entirely wrong impression. There's the relationship between Akira, the young go prodigy, and Ogata, an adult pro, for example. Ogata speaks with ridiculous intensity and Akira's reaction is nervous and over-the-top. It seems less like Ogata is inviting him over for a friendly discussion of go and more like Ogata wants sexual favors in exchange for the info that Akira is asking for.
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God I love iced coffee. And all-nighters. And music. Here, have some. (Music, not iced coffee. The iced coffee is ALL MINE.)

- - -


"Boys Say Go!"
Depeche Mode

Opening theme. Boys meet boys, get together / boys meet boys, it's forever / don't say no / boys say go!

"Poor Poor Pitiful Me"
Warren Zevon

Heero. I lay my head on the railroad tracks / and wait for the EE / the railroad don't run no more / poor poor pitiful me / these young girls won't let me be / Lord have mercy on me / woe is me

Alternate #1: "Let It Out" by Sonny Jim
I need to let my feelings out / I need to cry my pain out loud / No one is listening but me / That's okay, I'm a killer*

Alternate #2: "Yer Blues" by Shiina Ringo
In the morning, wanna die / in the evening, wanna die

"Is It Cos I'm Cool?"
Mousse T feat. Emma Lanford

Relena. Is it cos I'm cool, why you dress like me / is it honesty / or are you just a fool / is it cos I'm cool, why the schoolkids laugh / cos the paper's got it wrong again

Alternate: "Needy Girl" by Chromeo
You're a needy girl / I can tell when I look in your big brown eyes / You want the world / but how can I do yours if I can't do mine?

"Girl Fight!"

Wufei. I have so many enemies, I can't even count them / I have so many feelings, I can't even tell / I've already come to a place / where nobody can stop me anymore / the fight never stops / the fight never stops

Alternate: "I'm a Lonely Little Petunia (in an Onion Patch)" by Imogen Heap
I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch / in an onion patch / in an onion patch ...

"I Wish I Had an Evil Twin"
The Magnetic Fields

Zechs. I wish I had an evil twin / running round doing people in in / I wish I had a very bad and evil twin to do my will / to cull and conquer, cut and kill **

Alternate: "World War IV" by David Wrench
Hey baby, don't you get upset / things will turn bad, but not just yet / and when the land is swallowed up by the sea / don't you worry baby, there's still you and me

* Is that actually what that line says?
** Zechs's motivation is finally explained! He just wants the chicks.

- - -

Second half to follow if I can make room for the rest of my music.


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