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Lot Size: 14x6
Playtested: No


Custom Content


Basic Beam 2 and Fence Roofing 1 from Armiel's DIY Build Set
Smoked Meat from the Left Suburb Set
Modular Shelf from Cyclonesue's Prison Set (rigfixed)
Metal Textures
OMSP by Granthes
Neon Simlish Alphabet by Porphyria
Newshoes Walls
Grungy Plaster by Quatla
Rabbithole Rug (Subway)

From Demonic's Sci-Fi Set:
  • Cornice F
  • Cornice C

    From Armiel's DIY Buy Set
  • Counter Island
  • Counter Drawer Full
  • Counter Top
  • Counter Base
  • Drawer Small 3
  • Handle Modern Left
  • Handle Modern Horizontal

    From the Chinese Kitchen Set:
  • China_pot1
  • China_teapot2
  • Wok_cap1
  • Wok
  • China_wokbun


    From Around The Sims' Industrial Dining Set:
  • Bar stool
  • Table Stool

    From Around The Sims' Tuscany Kitchen Set:
  • Cooking Pot
  • Saucepans

    From the Expresso Kitchen Set by Simcredible
  • Range Hood
  • Expresso Table

    Bowl of Oranges from Awesims' Modern Designer Kitchen
    DOT's Lantern String Lights
    DOT's Wall Lanterns
    Cottage Fake Wall 6 from the Cottage Half-Landing Stairs Set
    Basic Balcony Railing 2 by LilyoftheValley
    1x1 Glass Floor by Angela*

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