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I am going to be crossposting to Dreamwidth and LiveJournal. If you're doing the same, let me know so I can drop you off my default filter on LiveJournal. I'd like to make this into my primary journal, so if you're active on both I'll follow you here instead.

About "grant access," since we're all probably going to have to get used to that being its own designation now:

I rarely post anything that I would be uncomfortable having strangers read, but sometimes I do lock things because I want to keep them off of search engines or make sure that real life friends, family, and coworkers don't see them.

If I've granted you access, and you don't know me, it's nothing personal and I won't be insulted if you choose not to add me back.
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Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price: 12,704
Playtested: Incompletely

screenshot album

download link

So I tried -- and mostly failed -- to make a lot based on Chungking Mansions. It would simply be too large to be playable. So here is a scaled down building. It's still a large lot with a lot of objects but so far it's not lagging. I blocked off large areas as if they were under construction to conserve resources.

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So, I have complained to [personal profile] sudaki on several occasions about how my stupid cat Ping is too stupid to understand how to bury his poop, which means that when he poops in the middle of the night, he goes through a 10-20 minute ritual of pawing at the litter box, sniffing his poop, pawing some more, moving around the mat in front of the litter box, sniffing, pawing -- and then finally giving up and leaving the poop unburied.

Lately he's been taking to pawing at any dirty laundry I leave on the floor as well, shuffling it towards the front of the litter box.

Today when I got up, I discovered a pair of my underwear in the litter box, almost but not quite covering his goddamn poop.


Hilarious, but gross.

I guess I'm going to have to stop leaving my dirty laundry on the floor.
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Oh my god, y'all.

I finally got around to watching Legend of Korra. I was afraid to - I knew going in to it that it could never match up to the first series, and with only twelve episodes, there would be so little room for development.

And yeah, it had some issues, but nevertheless, I am a fan. Specifically, a fan of:

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Yo dudes check out my music tumblr. Features exactly one song a day -- a mix of video and mp3. If it's working right you can stream the mp3s before downloading.

It's only two weeks old and it feels like I'm posting into a void, so like go check it out and stuff.

I'm also toying with the idea of a fannish tumblr but I'm not sure I like it yet.
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Via BoingBoing:
"Unlike the "modern math" theorists, who believe that mathematics is a creation of man and thus arbitrary and relative, A Beka Book teaches that the laws of mathematics are a creation of God and thus absolute....A Beka Book provides attractive, legible, and workable traditional mathematics texts that are not burdened with modern theories such as set theory." — ABeka.com
A Beka is a textbook company that services the fundie education market. And they dislike set theory. The BoingBoing post goes into just what it is about set theory that pisses the fundie set off, and it is both interesting and horrifying.
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An interesting blog post about being a Muslim in politics, sparked by Bachmann's most recent attempts to stir up hate.
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I was chatting with [personal profile] sudaki earlier, and I said


and she laughed.

And then I said


and she made an exclamation of horror.

You see, if you were to try to create the most infectious and persistent earworm, perhaps by pitting earworms against each other gladiator-style and then only breeding the victors together, you might end up with something like this song. She sent it to me for my birthday, and I've been listening to it since. (It's been months.) I can manage a week or two without hearing it -- but then, I'm struck by the urge to play it again.

But, on the plus side, it's a GOOD SONG, despite being dorky. It's about TACKLING LIFE'S CHALLENGES or something. Or maybe about kicking puppies; I don't know Japanese so I have to trust [personal profile] sudaki.

There, now I've infected my friends list.
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Someone in my apartment complex has been practicing playing the bagpipes for the last half hour.

I'm not kidding.

I'm also not sure where exactly it's coming from, because if I was, I would be over there right now congratulating them on their bravery.
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This one is based on this building, which is this really weird combination of modern, boring concrete block and HELLO ROOF. This is basically just a shell in which I've placed a rabbithole rug.

Lot Type: Academy
Lot Size: 42x42
Playtested: Why?


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This one is built with Ani's shop from inventory mod in mind. If you don't have that mod you won't be able to buy the pastries. The chest for keeping buyable pastries is hidden in the foundation and is stocked with at least five of each kind displayed in the case.

Lot type: No Visitors Allowed
Lot size: 10x10
Playtested: Yes


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I like to watch Korean dramas, but I don't like to watch soap operas.


Sometimes, I will find the drama that is the exact right length - long enough to tell the story, but not so long that the writers have to resort to needlessly convoluted plot twists to keep the story's resolution at bay. Usually, I find I start to get exasperated around episode 10-15.

(I'm told that sometimes the dramas that really take off are contracted for more episodes than were originally planned. That would explain a lot.)

So, imagine my glee when I found "Rooftop Prince" on Hulu -- a drama that uses one of my favorite tropes (out of place time-travelers), and is also only 12 episodes long. I put it in my queue and watched all the way up to episode 11.

During episode 11 I was very near my exasperation point. The truth desperately needed to come out, and the villains desperately needed to get their comeuppance. There had already been a few unlikely coincidences to prevent this from happening, and I was getting tired of it. But it's the second-to-last episode, right? I can hold out for just a little longer!


There are actually twenty episodes. I just happened to add it to my queue when there was a pause in the subtitling (so it sat at 12 for a bit), and when I added it, I forgot to check the setting that would put new episodes into my queue as they were added.


I haven't watched any more episodes yet. I don't know if I can take NINE MORE HOURS of a show that should have already ended.
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I just heard of This Is My Jam, a site where you post one song that you're currently really into. It remains up for a week - less if you upload a new song sooner.

The idea is that you follow people whose taste in music you like, and then their homepage becomes a playlist of all the current "jams" of the people you're following.


The format is new to me, and I think I really like the idea. Despite the horrible name. It's a change of pace from sites like last.fm, etc, that auto-generate suggestions.


You can only post music that it can find on other sites. This includes YouTube, though. For example, the first two artists I tried, Akasawa Maki and Siriporn Ampaipong - they had no audio results, but as pretty popular arists (though obscure in the US) there were several YouTube results to pick from.

Anyway, the link goes to my account if anyone wants to follow me!
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Got this response from the guy who posted the original question:
Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it. I normally do my book reports on my own, but I have other work to worry about, mainly in the class I'm failing (I didn't turn in half of the assignments, so I'm doing them now). Thanks to you, I can get this out of the way and work on said assignments.
Can't tell if serious.

But in case he's serious - DO I TELL HIM THAT I MADE ALL THAT UP?

Or do I keep silent, because anyone who would turn in someone else's work instead of reading the damn book themselves deserves what they get?

(Someone might make this choice for me by giving away the game, but...)


May. 9th, 2012 03:54 am
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I sometimes hang out on r/homeworkhelp, because sometimes people have genuine questions that I can answer. But the number of people who just want you to do their work for them is out of control.

Like this question:
Book Report due tomorrow...
...that I haven't started for the same reason everyone else last-minutes homework. Anyway, I don't want this done for me, I just need some information on the book (Mine Eyes Have Seen by Ann Rinaldi) so that I can write a decent sized summary. Thanks, for any and all help.
Here's what I wrote in response:
Mine Eyes Have Seen by Ann Rinaldi has a story about a girl who was alive in 1859 during the battle of Harper's Ferry and wrote down her experiences in her diary. A hundred years later, the book is discovered by a young boy living during the Cold War, who reflects on her story and its relevance to his own life.

Rinaldi uses both historical and fantastical elements to weave her story about family love, religion, patriotism, and guilt. The heroine, Annie Brown, was a real person, but Rinaldi embellishes on her life in order to make the story more like a historical fable. While her father is a deeply religious man, Annie has special abilities that she fears would cause her father to see her as a witch. The book's title is named for one of those abilities: She can remove her eyes and leave them, unnoticed, in small hiding spaces, giving her the ability to spy on the political activities that are going on around her. It is while she is spying on a meeting that she discovers her father is involved in guerilla actions against the Union, and Annie is torn between her loyalty to her country, and her love of her father. The battle of Harper's Ferry itself almost destroys both, and she regrets until her death that she did nothing.

The parallels to the boy, whose name is Frank, are obvious. Frank is living during the Cold War, and suspects that his parents are secret communists. Although Frank is not able to remove his own eyes from the sockets and put them onto bookshelves in order to spy on others, he does have the uncanny ability to talk to fruit flies--mutated during the series of nuclear tests taking place in his state--who tell him that his mother and father speak Russian and read books that have pictures of Russian leaders on them. Frank is not sure, however, if he is being told the truth; after all, fruit flies cannot speak and so they have no way to know whether it's really Russian or is in fact just normal English spoken after slightly one two many vodkas. They also are not very good at facial recognition.

Frank realizes the lesson of Annie's life and takes action, however. Instead of being paralyzed by his inability to choose between his parents and his country, which he knows will lead to the eventual loss of both, he decides to pick his country. He turns in his parents to the authorities, and they are arrested for being spies. It's then that he finds out his legal name is is in fact Fedor. However, he is now comfortable in his loyalty to his country and is able to deal with this revelation.

The moral of the book is that when our loyalties are divided we must choose according to what we think is right, and that standing by and doing nothing is never going to have good results. However, if we act with conviction we will have some control over our fate and become stronger as people.

(I hope that helps. I don't mind if you just copy and paste it.)
I decided to post it here because I have no idea if the mods will delete it, and I just spent a good twenty minutes of my life working on it.
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I feel like posting, but I have nothing to post about in particular, so I am going to post about the artist who is my most played during the past week.

Asakawa Maki (浅川マキ) was a Japanese jazz and blues singer who was active from 1967 until she died in 2010. She has the perfect voice for dimly-lit, smoky bars--deep and husky. It's hard to say what her style is, because it varies from groovy, to more straight-up jazz, to blues so steeped in old fashioned sleaze that you expect a jaded private detective to step out of the shadows at any moment.

Here she is covering "House of the Rising Sun":

I prefer her earlier recordings for the most part. Here are a few of my favorites, including the above song.

夜が明けたら / Yo ga Aketara / When Dawn Breaks
ちっちゃな時から / Chicchana Toki Kara / Since I was Little
朝日のあたる家 / Asahi no Ataru Ie / House of the Rising Sun
ゴビンダ / Govinda
セント・ジェームス病院 / Saint James Infirmary
ちょっと長い関係のブルース / Chotto Nagai Kankei no Blues / Kinda Long Relationship Blues
あの男(ひと)が死んだら / Ano Hito ga Shindara / If He Dies
眠るのがこわい / Nemuruno ga Kowai / Scared to Sleep

Thank [personal profile] sudaki for translating the song titles so you don't have to deal with my terrible terrible attempts.
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So this one is based on the real Tai Fu Tai mansion in Hong Kong, with some modifications.

The story of my version is that it was a private mansion at one time, then fell into disrepair and became an infamous brothel, and now is being restored partly with funds from hosting events on the bottom floor. My game has two caretakers (who live upstairs) and a ghost in it, not included in the DL.

I can make a list of custom content if anyone wants it.

Lot type: Residential
Lot Size: 20x30
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2 bathtubs, 1 toilet room


images )

If the slideshow doesn't work here's the image folder.
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... I've been drinking Nescafe.

Because I don't want to get dressed and go to the grocery store to buy real coffee. For the past three days.

I do actually have some real coffee beans, but I'm saving them for tomorrow, when I feel I will need some real coffee as an incentive to get out of bed and go to work. Also, I don't particularly feel like the whole COFFEE PROCESS right now. Grind, steep, press - SO MUCH WORK OHMIGOD.

What have I come to.
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Zhou Xuan (周璇), nicknamed "The Golden Voice," was one of the most popular Chinese singers of 1930s and 1940s. Her style is usually classified as Shidaiqu, a blend of Chinese and Western styles that began in the 1920s in Shanghai.

She had a turbulent life, but an extremely sweet voice. This is a clip from the movie 1937 movie "Street Angel," which launched her into stardom.

So the quality isn't great, but you can still hear the emotion in her voice that captivated Chinese audiences.

I haven't seen the movie. Apparently, she performed another song in it, "Four Seasons of Heartache." This may or may not be the same version:

四季相思(一) [.m4a]
四季相思(二) [.m4a]

And here is a version of the song from the above clip:

天涯个女 [.mp3]

She died in 1957, at the age of 39, in a mental institution, after a series of breakdowns and suicide attempts.
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Lot Type: No Visitors Allowed (Subway)
Lot Size: 14x6
Playtested: No


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